News: Cast no Shadow

Monday 24 September 2007

The collaboration between filmmaker Isaac Julien and choreographer Russell Maliphant opens at Sader’s Wells next week. Julien tells Debra Craine why he was keen to get involved in the project:

“Dance is the place where interesting things are happening because the art form has made itself open to new ideas and I want to be in that mix.”
Read more in the Times, 24 Sep 07

Sarah Crompton hears why Isaac Julien and Russell Maliphant were keen to work together,
‘”There were lots of elements in Isaac’s work that I felt comfortable with,” says Maliphant. “I could understand the choreography in the way he uses screens, the use of textures, certain sculptural elements and also a kind of meditative calm they have.”
_Both also believe that dance can say things that words or acted images simply cannot. _
“I like the idea of mixing film and dance and how those things can contaminate one another and be made different through the process,” Julien says. “That interests me a lot.” ‘
__Read the full article in, Telegraph, 29 Sep.07

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