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Friday 9 May 2003

Capture 3
Arts Council England have just announced the commissions for the latest series of dance for screen productions. They will be premiered in December this year.
Recipients are:

Liz Aggiss & Billy Cowie
The Men in the Wall – a 4-screen three-dimensional installation

Rachel Davies & Hanna Gillgren
On a roll – a 6 minute film shot on DV

Nic Sandiland & Rosemary Lee
Digital Mirror – an interactive 4-screen video installation

Rosemary Butcher, Martin Otter & Cathy Lane
Vanishing Point – a 10 minute film shot on 35mm

Vena Ramphal & Roswitha Chesher
Skin, Muscle, Pixel – a 5 minute film shot on DV
Miriam King & Simon Wilkinson
Fate – a 5 minute film shot on DV

Gary Rowe
Ten Men Dancing – a 5 minute film shot on DV presented as a miniature portrait painting

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