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Friday 7 April 2006

Capture 2
The Arts Council of England commissioned latest series of dance for screen productions Capture2 recieved its world premiere at the Monaco Dance Forum last week.

The UK premiere happens at The Place next week on Tues. 17 Dec.
Box Office: 020 7387 0031
Six short films will be shown at 8pm and an installation in the Founders Studio and an interactive CD Rom in the bar will be on show from 6pm.
Each production uses a mix of film, video, DVD and computer technology.

  • Debbie Tiso / Lauren Potter*
    Based on the theme of memory the film aims to create a kind of dance imaging, mediated through photography, video and digital art.
    Format: Photography; Video; Data Imagery & Web animation mastered onto Beta SP

Waterfall Richard Lord
A refreshing alternative to computer games, this is a unique interactive dance in which the viewer and the dancer play together.
Format: Interactive CD Rom Terra Firma
  • Nic Sandiland / Simon Aeppli*
    A security guard carries out a series of personal and secretive routines as the world around him begins to break down
    Format: Shot on Digital video mastered onto Beta SP

  • Shelly Love*
    We witness the strange encounter between a young girl and the character she has created for her cardboard theatre
    Format: Shot on Digital video mastered onto Beta SP

The Jaffa Man
  • Oliver Ashton / Robert Hylton*
    The film tells the story of ‘Jaffa’ a man who can only express himself through the language of dance. His dance tells of individuality, personal demons and ultimately the importance of acceptance and belonging.
    Format: Shot on 35mm mastered onto Digi Beta

Speed Ramp
  • Lea Anderson / Lucy Bristow / Simon Corder*

Speed Ramp explores and observes the movement of urban insurrection. Format: Shot on 16mm black and white film, mastered onto Digi Beta Six Anarchic Variations
  • Liz Aggiss / Billy Cowie*
    Can you fit a spiky, red-haired woman into a plain white cube? In six brutally white glaringly brief episodes, Aggiss battles for survival and compassion against the relentless dissonance of Cowie’s virtuosic piano variations.
    Format: Shot on Digi Beta & Super 8 mastered onto Digi Beta

Electric Fur Carol Brown / Matthias Ek / Abigail Norris
In a perspectiveless void the artists have created a series of deep surfaces, animated by waves of sensation and memory. Two bodies are infected by shifting states of energy.
Format: Screen based installation
The eight works commissioned in the first Capture series have toured the country. The collection shows the great potential of existing and emergent technology in the creation of dance-for-screen productions.

For details of last years productions see:

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