News: Bonnie Bird Awards 2003

Friday 7 April 2006

Bonnie Bird Choreography Fund Awards 2003. Winners: Maho Ihara, Niklas Laustiola, Rosie Kay, Catherine Hale, Lyndsey Winship & Victor Quijada Bonnie Bird Choreography Fund
The winners for the Bonnie Bird Choreography Fund Awards 2003 were announced on 13 November 2003 at Laban. The awards were presented by Jeanette Siddall, Director of Dance, Arts Council England.

UK New Choreography Award (£1500.00)
Maho Ihara
Niklas Laustiola
Rosie Kay

The New Choreography Award is given to choreographers to undertake research, a personal project or personal study which the choreographer believes will contribute in a vital way to forwarding his/her development as an artist.

Chris de Marigny Dance Writers’ Award (£1200.00)
Catherine Hale and Lyndsey Winship (joint winners)

The Chris de Marigny Dance Writers’ award is given to undertake any project which the dance writer believes will contribute in a vital way to forwarding his or her development as a writer.

North American New Choreography Award
Victor Quijada

Victor has been commissioned to create a new work for Transitions Dance Company.
The Bonnie Bird Choreography Fund was established in 1984 to support and promote innovative choreographers in Britain, Europe and America. Bonnie Bird was one of the original members of the Martha Graham Dance Company and became one of the first official teachers of Martha Graham’s technique – her pupils included Merce Cunningham. On the occasion of Bonnie Bird’s 70th birthday, friends and colleagues from around the world gave generous donations to mark her 50-year involvement in dance. Bonnie Bird used these monies to establish the Bonnie Bird Choreography Fund.

The Fund aims to encourage the development of choreographers or dance writers in the early stages of their career. Previous winners include: Maresa von Stockert, Darren Johnston, Kwesi Johnson, Mark Baldwin, Matthew Bourne, Ian Bramley, Sophie Travers, Lea Anderson and Rosemary Lee.
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For further information on the Bonnie Bird Choreography Fund please contact:
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