News: Billy Elliot goes home

Tuesday 3 October 2006

Liam Mower took his final bow as Billy Elliot last week after 18 months in the role.

“Of the several boys who have shared the role, none has stayed longer or been quite such a good fit for the fictional miner’s son who dreams of being a ballet dancer.”

He leaves the show, and his place at the Royal Ballet School, to go back home to Hull to study for his GCSE’s. Liam explains his decision to abandon his scholarship at the prestigious school,

“I had not been to London before and, although most things have been absolutely brilliant, homesickness was the worst thing. I was really tired, taking ballet classes then going up to London from White Lodge to play Billy and getting back really late. I got really drained. It was the pressure.”

Read the full article, Nigel Reynolds, Telegraph, 30 Sep.06

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