News: BBC 1's new identity

Friday 7 April 2006

BBC 1’s new identity
features clips of ballet, hip hop, salsa, tap & roof surfing.
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THe BBC’s decision to lose its ‘globe’ branding in favour of short dance/movement sequences has been getting a mixed response. The new idents show Brazilian dancers, rugby players, disabled basketball players and a couple dancing salsa, themed in a red that will be BBC1’s new colour. BBC 1’s controller, Lorraine Heggessey said last week: ‘I’m very sensitive to suggestions that BBC1 is not an inclusive channel. We reach more people in the UK than any other channel. I want to represent the diversity and totality of Britain, and that includes nations, regions and the disabled. Read more in
Observer, 31 Mar. 02
None of these new images, which include the performance of a Brazilian capoeira on a London rooftop, a Maori haka in Gilfach Goch and a snatch of ballet on the Cornish coast, seems remotely as apt, semiotically, as the old one of the earth in its entirety; and one of them, featuring three wheelchair-bound black basketball players spinning around to hip-hop rhythms, is so stunningly patronising it is redolent only of the “southern, white, middle-class, middle-aged and well-educated” types whom Gavyn Davies recently attacked and then embraced.
Graham MacCann, FT, 3 APr. 02
“What’s the meaning of all this?” I can’t help thinking, as dancers perform capoeira moves on a rooftop, a couple dance salsa-style across my screen, and three disabled basketball players dance to hip-hop in wheelchairs. If BBC1 wants to show the nation that it represents diversity and inclusivity, there are surely two fundamental problems with this. Jim Hytner, marketing and commercial director of ITV gives his opinion in

Guardian media, 8 Apr. 02

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