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Wednesday 22 October 2003

Ballett Frankfurt
Kammer/Kammer at Sadler’s Wells (22 – 25 Oct) will be the last London performances of Ballett Frankfurt under the Directorship of William Forsythe.
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Forsythe talked to Judith Mackrell:
‘Now, he says, the subject of dance is shifting. He is interested in subtler, more inward kinds of movement in dancing that is more “behavioural” than display, in dance that requires new arenas and new ways of working.He wants the freedom to work outside theatres, in smaller, more versatile spaces. “Theatres are inherently ideological,” he says. “It’s us – the dancers – and them, the public. What about finding other ways of being together?” ….
He rails against the culture in classical companies that allows “dancers to be thrown into roles, to get exhausted. They are way too thin and they are not strong enough. How much of their art can you expect dancers to give up and still be artists?” ‘
Guardian, 10 Oct 03

Donald Hutera talks to some of his dancers:
A strong ballet technique is a given although, as she (Dana Caspersen) explains, “if someone is extraordinary in other ways that isn’t necessarily a deciding factor. Often the dancers are involved in several sides of the creative process. So he also looks for artists and colleagues who are interested in his work, but who have their own hearts and minds and don’t wait for orders. These are people who have what I would term dance intelligence: curiosity, fearlessness and the desire to continuously reapproach dancing.” ‘
The Times, 10 Oct 03

talks about his plans for his new company to Ismene Brown. He will “tackle the old idea that “theatre” does not need the diktats of stage, curtains and seat arrangement and create a new form of experience. “It will be like, let’s say, playing golf in the woods rather than on the course,” he says mischievously…
Telegraph, 13 Oct 03

Zoe Anderson talks to Forsythe about his last London production with Ballett Frankfurt:
‘The balance of drama and dance in Kammer/Kammer makes it “a choreographic piece, not a dance piece”… The speaking roles, played by Forsythe dancers, dominate. There’s no weight to their [the dancers] presence. They’re almost like little moving designs.” He says there’s hardly any dancing, then adds that “the emotional tension is all done through dance”.’
Independent, 14 Oct.03

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