News: Ballerina marries BNP councillor

Friday 21 December 2007

Ballerina Simone Clark, a member of the British National Party, is to marry Richard Barnbrook, the leader of the the BNP in Barking and Dagenham.

Matthew Taylor from the Guardian reports,
‘When he was interviewed in January Barnbrook told reporters he disapproved of mixed-race couples having children, although Clarke has a five-year-old daughter with Yat-Sen Chang, her former partner and a Cuban-Chinese dancer.’ Full article in the Guardian, 20 Dec.07

The Independent’s Andy McSmith quotes from Clark’s interview with the Mail on Sunday a year ago,
‘“I didn’t really know anything about the BNP but they had come up in conversation a few times because they had just won some local council seats,” she said…. “I read their manifesto. I’m not too proud to say that a lot of it went over my head but some of the things they mentioned were the things I think about all the time, mainly mass immigration, crime and increased taxes.” ‘
__’The first item in the BNP manifesto is a pledge to reduce the non-white population of the UK through deportation and “voluntary resettlement”.’
__Full article, Independent, 20 Dec.07

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