Friday 29 June 2018

Dance Umbrella 2018. Dancer Ivan Blackstock. Photo: Jevan Chowdhury, Moving Cities

Parents in Performing Arts, in collaboration with Birkbeck University, has launched the UK’s biggest ever industry survey of work/life balance and is seeking dance professionals to add their voice.

The Balancing Act: Work/Life Survey seeks contributions from the whole dance industry workforce, on and off-stage, to reveal the biggest challenges to career progression, particularly when having caring responsibilities and working in the sector, to identify the most effective strategies for change.

Dance Umbrella, Dancers Career Development, English National Ballet, Northern Ballet, One Dance UK, Royal Opera House and Sadler’s Wells have all joined forces with PIPA for this initiative, in a bid to improve career sustainability in the dance industry.

Zenaida Yanowsky, former Principal of The Royal Ballet and PIPA Ambassador says:

“Being a parent has affected my career. Last minute rehearsals are very common, and I was not able to be flexible with my time. I could feel the reluctance in wanting to use me because it meant them having to be more organised. I also struggled with tight and long scheduled days, and then coming home and caring for two small kids, as I had no time to physically or mentally recover.”

PIPA wants to hear from both parents and non-parents, including those who might have left the industry, to add their experiences to this research, which has the potential to revolutionise working practices across the industry.

Fill in the Balancing Act: Work/Life Survey here.

Parents in Performing Arts was established in 2016 and has been working extensively in theatre, improving the way the industry works. The campaign enables and empowers parents, carers and employers in the performing arts to achieve sustainable change in attitudes and practices in order to attract, support and retain a more diverse and flexible workforce.

Photo: Dance Umbrella 2018. Dancer Ivan Blackstock. Photo by Jevan Chowdhury, Moving Cities.

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