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Monday 29 July 2002

Ian Bramley
the Editor of Dance Theatre Journal and Head of Publications @ Laban becomes the new Director of Dance UK from the end of June.
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ADAD and Dance UK
are to join forces
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Arts Council England
has announced its spending plans for the next three years.
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Jeanette Siddall
currently Director of Dance UK, is to become the new Head of Dance for Arts Council England.
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Cuts to education grants
Theatres in London, including Sadler’s Wells, are facing the prospect that they may lose their education grants. This is forcing them to consider cutting back on projects that reach out to community groups.
Maev Kennedy, Guardian, 13 May.03

The Association of London Government
has decided to defer its decision on proposed cuts in funding to many arts organisations in the capital.
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Random Dance
become the first independent contemporary dance company to commit to its dancers by offering full-time permanent PAYE contracts.
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The Price of Culture
“As a nation, we spend a fortune on shows and concerts – and often grumble about the cost. But are prices reasonable or a rip-off? And will lowering them really attract younger audiences?” asks Liz Hoggard in the,
Observer, 9 Feb.03

Dancers will face years of financial crisis
when they retire, following new government plans to stop them drawing a pension before 55 – 20 years after their average retirement age, according to a report in
The Stage, Jan. 03

English Folk Dance & Song Society
are looking forward to their future with the help of an Arts Council grant, and a bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund.

“Now the society has resolved “to put English traditions into the hearts and minds of the people of England”,”
as Sue Corbett found out in
Times, 24 Dec.02

Decline in corporate sponsorship of Arts
As business begins to pull out of arts sponsorship, arts organisations are turning to individuals for support. Rupert Christiansen discusses the implications.

“grand opera or Britart doesn’t bring either the exposure or the coverage that big sporting events afford.”

Telegraph, 6 Nov.02

Strapped for cash
The arts have always had a struggle to survive on the amount of funding available to them. Charlotte Higgins asks, “Is it time to scrap Government funding altogether and privatise the whole show?” in the
Guardian, 28 Oct.02

Arts sponsorship
has dropped to its lowest level in 5 years, however sports have witnessed a consistant growth in sponsership over the last 10 years. Helen Hague examines the statistics in,
Sun.Independent. 3 Nov.02

UK Cultural spending still less than in Europe.
Gerry Robinson, Chair of the Arts Council of England is pressing the UK government to increase spending on the arts. Louise Jury reports in
Independent, 4 June 02

Paying for the Privilege?
Are dancers alone in paying for the privilege of pursuing their talent? Why do they do it? Is the situation sustainable? What are the ways forward? A debate hosted by Dance UK and Dance Umbrella attempts to shed light on this ongoing concern.
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Northern Ballet Theatre
is looking for new sponsors, having lost the support of the Halifax building society recently.
Anthony Thorncroft, FT, 5 Aug. 02

Why has high culture
“..such reticence to get down there and exploit its international reputation to bring in hard cash?” David Lister wants to buy Darcey Bussell endorsed ballet shoes.
Independent, 27 Jul. 02

Grants for Dance & Drama
are giving opportunities to talented performing artists to go into full-time vocational training, explains Miranda Ingram in the
Times, 11 July.02

Arts budget rise surprise
Tessa Jowell, the Culture Secretary, has received an unexpected rise in her budget, which will allow increased spending on the performing arts.
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Antony Thorncroft. FT 16 July . 02
Nigel Reynolds, Telegraph, 16 July. 02

‘Things can only get better’
Or can they? Martin Kettle predicts a gloomy future for arts funding. The Guardian, 11 Jul. 02 & Jude Kelly calls for a statement of government committment to the arts
Guardian, 11 July 02

Lottery success for ADAD
The Association of dance of the African Diaspora have been awarded a grant from the Regional Arts Lottery Programme of £19,500 to develop their work
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Landmark salary deal for West End
Performers and stage managers working in the West End have been awarded a pay increase six times the rate of inflation in a landmark deal between Equity and the Society of London Theatres.
The Stage, 7 March

Green Candle Dance Company
announces it may have to close, after losing funding.
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