News: Arts Council Dance Fellowships 2002/3

Saturday 23 February 2002

Dance Artists Fellowships 2002
The Arts Council of England has announced the recipients of six dance fellowships worth £30,000 each in 2002/03. Awarded to artists in recognition of an outstanding contribution made to the sector over a number of years, the Fellowships aim to assist individuals who will continue to enrich the profession in future years. The six recipients are:

Mark Baldwin – dancer and choreographer; founder of the Mark Baldwin Dance Company
Matthew Hawkins – dancer and choreographer; founder of the Imminent Dancers Group and Matthew Hawkins and the Fresh Dances
Bode Lawal – dancer and choreographer; founder of African dance and music company, Sakoba
Liz Aggiss – choreographer, performer, filmmaker, animateur and lecturer; co-founder of Divas Dance Theatre
Pit Fong Loh – dancer and choreographer; co-founder of Bi Ma Dance Company
Nigel Charnock – a founder member of DV8; founder of Nigel Charnock + Company

Acting Dance Director, Anu Giri, said: ‘This year’s Fellows are all outstanding artists from a variety of dance disciplines to whom a fellowship will make a significant impact at this point in their career. The Fellowships will give the recipients some breathing space, with fewer financial pressures. The Fellows are responsible for planning their own programme and for setting their own creative goals, but we will also ask them to record their activities and share the results of their experiences. That way, there will be a legacy for the wider dance profession.’

The year-long fellowship awards provide financial support for thinking, reflection, research, space, equipment, travel, training and to buy creative time for continued artistic development or for new departures. Areas supported by the fellowship might include the substitution of income to allow individuals to pursue creative goals, studio time, R&D costs, payment for a mentor, payment for an administrator/ manager/producer, advanced training, apprenticeships/placements, or the recording, archiving or publication of work.

This is the second tranche of Dance Artist Fellowships to be awarded. The first Fellows were: Jonathan Burrows, Javier de Frutos, Jonzi D, Rosemary Butcher, Rosemary Lee, Russell Maliphant and Wendy Houston.

A shortlist was drawn up from nominations invited from a number of key individuals within the dance sector. The shortlisted artists were then asked to submit a proposal for their fellowship year, and a final decision was then made on the basis of these proposals.

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