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Wednesday 18 July 2012 by Sarah Golding

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker 'Fase: Four movements to the Music of Steve Reich' 1982. Photo: Herman Sorgeloos

Tate Modern launches the opening of its new space, the Tanks, with a 15-week festival of ‘art in action’ including live performance, film and installation. Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker and her company will be performing Fase: Four Movements to the Music of Steve Reich as part of the celebration of the new space from 18 – 20 July.

‘She enthuses about the Tanks’ raw, stripped-down setting. “It’s different from the Turbine Hall, which is very high and square — this is a closed, round concrete space. It’s not a typical theatrical space. Nor does it refer to the white cube of the museum. So for the audience it will be a ticket to the unknown.”’

Liz Hoggard finds out more about de Keersmaeker’s work,
“It’s opening just a week before the Olympics, which is also about performance, but performance as competition — the quickest, the highest. But that is not what we will see at Tate Modern,” she points out sternly. “It will be an invitation to raise questions, not about the performativity of our physicality but how we are as social beings.”

Read the full article, Liz Hoggard, Evening Standard, 10 July.12

Performances of extracts from Fase are performed through the day – and are free. There are two ticketed performances of the full work on Thursday and Friday -and an ‘in conversation’ session and book launch on Friday at 4pm -with a performance of a section of Rosas danst Rosas to follow.

Wednesday 18 July
13:00 Piano Phase, 24 min
14:00 Come Out, 14 min
15:00 Violin Phase, 16 min
16:00 Clapping Music, 7min

Thursday 19 July
13:00 Piano Phase, 24 min
14:00 Come Out, 14 min
15:00 Violin Phase, 16 min
16:00 Clapping Music, 7min

Friday 20 July
11:00 Piano Phase, 24 min
12:00 Come Out, 14 min
13:00 Violin Phase, 16 min
14:00 Clapping Music, 7min

16:00 Book Presentation
A Choreographer’s Score with Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Bojana Cveji?, Jonathan Burrows and Chris Dercon
Free, no booking necessary

Tate Modern

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