News: Alvin Ailey Dance Theater

Tuesday 30 August 2005

Alvin Ailey Dance Theater start their UK tour at Sadler’s Wells this week. Judith Jamison, Artistic Director, and the Rehearsal Director, Ronni Favours, describe the commitment and passion that the company has for dance.

With it new purpose-built premises housing not only the company but also a school of 3,500 students, Debra Craine discovers that “Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre isn’t just another arts organisation, it’s a phenomenon.”

Judith Jamison explains what it takes to be in the company, “I look for dancers who have that special glow, that kind of energy, that spark, that devotion and fearlessness”
Read more in Times, 27 Aug.05

Rehearsal Director for the company, Ronni Favors, talks to Charlotte Cripps about the programme appearing in London. “It [Revelations] contains the defining element of what makes [the company] what it is… The passion, the beauty, the joy and the warmth that emanates from the dancers in this work made this company universally embraced around the world.”
Full article: Independent, 25 August.05

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