News: All you need to know about Trajal Harrell: Hoochie Koochie

Wednesday 19 July 2017

Caen Amour, 2016. Choreography Trajal Harrell. Photo Orpheas Emirzas

What would it look like if the seductive belly dance-like spectacles of the late 19th century teamed up with your favourite playlist? Or if the voguing ballroom scene of 1960s New York collided with postmodern dance? Trajal Harrell: Hoochie Koochie explores this and more at his first ever UK exhibition at the Barbican Centre

Vogueing and postmodern dance collide

Trajal Harrell is a New York based choreographer fascinated by history and inspired by diverse dance forms from Japense Butoh to Classical Greek dancing. He mashes up dance styles to produce energetic and emotional movement.

Choose what you watch

From pouty, hip jutting catwalking to gentle, thoughtful movement over 14 of Harrell’s works will be show at the exhibition. Head into a blackened room for Bathing Suite or watch two dancers play with tension by devouring some blue string. You could even find one of the performer sitting on your lap as part of Show Pony. The performances are activated at certain points so get ready to find yourself in the middle of the action.

Immerse yourself

You can choose your own route around the gallery, wondering in and out of different spaces. One loop found a performer quietly catwalking and three others gliding among each other as part of Ghost Trio.

Head for the Hoochie Koochie

Make sure to see one of Harrell’s most recent works Caen Amour which draws on 19th century Hoochie Koochie shows (exotic, belly dance-like performances) and plays with bodies, shapes and clothing. Travel around the instillation during the performance to see front and backstage areas, blurring the lines between public and private.

Trajal Harrell: Hoochie Koochie is at the Barbican from 20 July – 13 August 2017

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