News: Akram Khan: Dance needs to be given higher status in schools

Friday 4 September 2015 by Clare Evans

Akram Khan with NYDC dancers.
Photo: Tony Nandi

Akram Khan, who caused controversy earlier this year when he criticised the quality of dance training in the UK, has again expressed concern over the industry’s future. Khan, who has been working with NYDC on Apex Rising, believes dance should be put in the national curriculum.

“Dance needs to be a national priority; it needs to be in the school curriculum. There is a misconception that it’s an out-of-hours, out-of-school activity,” he told The Independent.”

“The school year is coming up, there’s so much talent and we can’t lose that. It’s important the Government supports it.” He added: “Dance is more than a hobby. It’s as important as anything else on the curriculum. It’s as important as maths, it’s as important as being a doctor.”

Read more: The Independent, 30 August 2015

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