News: Meet the teacher - Renaud Wiser

Thursday 24 November 2016

Choreographer Renaud Wiser
Photo: Ione Saizar

Renaud Wiser is a choreographer based in London. He was born in Switzerland and trained in dance in Geneva before joining the Ballet Junior in 1998. During his studies, Renaud was awarded the Migros Bursary for young talent for three consecutive years. He then pursued an international career as a dancer with renown companies including the Geneva Ballet, the Ballet National de Marseille, the Gothenburg Ballet, Rambert and Bonachela Dance Company. Early on in his career, his interest for choreography led him to make work for young choreographers’ platforms and in 2013, Renaud launched Renaud Wiser Dance Company.

Tell us about your first dance experience?
I started young in a small school in a town close to the village I grew up in in Switzerland. I first learned a technique called rhythmic, not much to do with contemporary dance or ballet but a lot of skipping, hopping and learning coordination. It was a way to channel my energy. Soon after I started ballet. The great thing about this school was that the director loved putting on shows and at age 6 or 7 I got a part in her production of Pulcinella, a character of the commedia dell’arte. I was the young Pulcinella and we performed it in the town’s beautiful church with a live string quartet. I guess that was the real start of my love for the stage and performing.

What do you enjoy most about teaching?
I do enjoy when I manage to make participants really move and unlock potential in their body that they were not necessarily aware of. There is something very gratifying in seeing someone take control of a movement combination to the point where they can fully enjoy the physical sensation of the movement. Though the movement vocabulary I teach can be complicated and technically challenging, there is ultimately a flow that is really enjoyable if you manage to find a form of abandon.

Outside of dance, what are your current inspirations and motivations?
I like to stay tuned to current world affairs, I read a lot of news. I find interesting to compare the views on the same event in different countries; Switzerland, France, UK, US.
Most of the time the content is similar but the emphasis on certain aspects varies, sometimes wildly. My chill-down hobby is cooking. I got quite obsessed with bread making, but I also love discovering new recipes from different cultures. I can spend hours in my kitchen. Then it is usually eaten in no time!

Why do you think contemporary dance has become such a popular hobby in London?
Well I think it has everything to make it a perfect hobby. You work out, improve your stamina, your physical strength and your flexibility. It has all the physical benefits of sports without the sometimes unnecessary sense of competition. Dance classes usually build with the more challenging and choreographed combinations towards the end so you build up towards a fun reward and a sense of achievement with each class. Beyond practicing it yourself, there is also the whole world of performance you can go and see and be inspired by in the many dance venues in London. It is a hobby you can be involved in at many levels, from the relaxed and fun time of going out and making an evening of seeing a performance to trying out how it feels like in the studio with other enthusiasts and building a network of friends with the same interest. I think everybody should try it out at least once and I am sure most would come back.

Fast paced, challenging drop in classes for advanced students competent in contemporary or ballet. Emphasis is on building movement sequences, stretching your facility and versatility. Renaud’s class is based on release technique, particularly on the mobility of the back but also includes floor work and dynamic fast-paced travelling phrases. For more class times please click here

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