Interview: The Elektrolytes - Marcus & Joey

Tuesday 16 October 2012 by Hannah Dye

The Elektrolytes

American dance crew, the Elektrolytes, are in London for the first time this month starring in the new West End show, Flashmob at the Peacock Theatre. Fresh from winning the hit TV show America’s Best Dance Crew last year, the group are loving London for the fashion – and the weather!
We caught up with Joey (28) and youngest member Marcus (17) during a rare break in a tough rehearsal schedule at Sadler’s Wells:

So how does it feel to be in London and rehearsing to perform here for the first time?
Marcus: A blessing!
Joey: It definitely is a blessing! When we are walking, we say to each other ‘man I can’t believe we are in London’! It hits us randomly. A year ago, to America or to the world, we weren’t really known and now, after wining ABDC we are blessed with performing and doing what we love for a living. Not many people can wake up and say ‘hey I love what I am doing right now.’ We are very thankful and grateful for this opportunity.

What do you love about London?
Joey: THE WEATHER and the fashion. Honestly, I love the weather here – it’s so hot in Arizona… we left and it was 115degrees! So the colder it is the more clothes you get to wear and the fashion out here is amazing. I love London!
Marcus: The way it looks. Back home, lots of things are futuristic, they take away the history. Everything here is very original and historic. I loooove the fashion and the accents are awesome!
Joey: Ha! He was saying ‘man we are going to be here for a month… I’m probably going to come back with an accent’!

Tell us a little about your journey on ABDC (America’s Best Dance Crew).
Joey: We auditioned four times and on the fourth time, we made it! They always told us that we should keep on coming back, work harder, keep practising. Now we look back, we see how far we have come since our first audition. I have always seen our talent before anyone else had. I knew we were a winning team before America knew. The other three times, we auditioned without Chris and Marcus, and we were missing that one piece of the puzzle that brings us together. When you put us all together, we are pretty unstoppable!

How did the rejection at those three unsuccessful auditions affect you?
Joey: There was a confidence level within us and we knew that no matter what anyone told us, we knew what we could do as a team. Just because someone said no…. it didn’t make us stop. We wanted to show that no matter what happens, we are never going to stop reaching our goals.

Who choreographs your routines?
Marcus: Everyone! We all put our brains together to come up with each routine we do. We all put our best stuff in and it just pieces together to make routines. Chris does have a great skill in choreography though and he is actually a big choreographer back home in Arizona. He sees things we sometimes can’t – he has that eye.

What are your dreams for the future of the Elektrolytes?
Marcus: For now, we love the spot we are in. To be with each other and travel the world…. We don’t always get along but we always have each others backs. We are going with the flow and hustling hard for what we do because it’s what we love to do. For now… we are happy with where we are!

What key advice would you give to aspiring young dancers?
Marcus: Push hard! Whatever you want to do with your dance career – don’t stop. A couple of years ago, I was dancing on the street corner and I would never have dreamed of being here but once I applied it and realised what I wanted to do, I pushed hard and committed everything to it. I focused very hard on school and dance. I just pushed, pushed, pushed. Whatever it is, if you truly want it just push for it and don’t stop.
Joey: Find yourself in what you want to do. YouTube is a huge part of dance now but a lot of young people are using it differently. I believe it is a platform to show the world who you are rather than watch someone and become another person rather than yourself. You need to find your originality and master your craft. I heard Marcus say recently ‘You have to master who you are before trying to be someone else.’

So what can we expect from the Elektrolytes in Flahsmob?
Marcus: We hope the crowd is going to be wowed! Our name is the Elektrolytes in a scientific term means ‘fuel your body.’ We go hard and use everything in our bodies to do everything we do. At the end of the day it’s a lot of fun – they can expect the flips, some flexibility and classical stuff too!
Joey: If you followed our journey on ABDC you will see some of our routines from the show along with some new pieces we have put together. There is a bit of everything for everyone. We are definitely going to electrify that stage!

Flashmob is running until 4 November at the Peacock Theatre.
To book visit or call 0844 412 4300

Check out our ticket deal here. Top seats for just £10, 16-18 October.

Follow the Elektrolytes on twitter and visit their website.

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