Interview: Joe Jobe Q&A

Wednesday 9 September 2009

Joe Jobe is one of the dancers in Bounce, the street dance collective from Sweden, who will be back in London’s Peacock Theatre with their hit show Insane in the Brain, from 15 Sep to 3 Oct 09. They’ll also be putting in an appearance in Sadler’s Wells in Dance at the Tower of London this Friday (11 Sep 09) and touring the UK until November.

Bounce have been around since 1997 and this year they’ve been street dancing more than ever…

The youtube video of your tribute to Michael Jackson in Stockholm has been seen by millions. It looks so spontaneous! How did you organise it all so quickly?
We contacted every dancer we knew on Facebook and Myspace and sent out a request asking if they wanted to participate in a Michael Jackson Flashmob and around 300 responded. We hadn’t done anything similar before the MJ flashmob but we did another one in August at an aumusement park called Gröna Lund, with 270 dancers. It’s also on youtube…

Insane in the Brain sounds like dark subject matter. Tell us why we should come and see it.
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest [the Ken Kesey novel and later a film starring Jack Nicholson] is a fantastic story and I think our dance interpretation of it succeeds really well.

From the video clip it looks incredibly energetic. Is it hard work to dance in it every night for several weeks?
The show is heavy going to perform and demands great stamina, especially as we are playing seven shows a week in London with only one day off.

What do you do to relax?
Have a massage, read a book or just go out for long walks.

Are all the Bounce performers hip hop dancers, or do you include other kinds of dance?
The core of our work is basically Streetdance but we have always mixed it with other styles such as Lindy Hop, Tap, Jazz, Modern or Samba to name a few. Basically any style we think suitable for a show we are not afraid to explore and use.

Bounce is a collective – how does that work?
Yes, we are a democratic collective with no leader and we always vote about every important decisions regarding Bounce.

The company has existed for 12 years. Is there a high turn over of dancers – or do you join and stay?
Bounce still consists of all it’s original members. We only had one new member in our group since we started. Filmon Michael joined in 2002.

What do you like about performing in London/the UK?
Performing in London and the UK is challenging and great fun because we get to see what kind of response we get from English audience and dancers.

What is Bounce’s next project?
Next Bounce is planning to do another show in the Ericsson Globe Arena in Stockholm next April. It could be our last show with the original Bounce members…

Insane in the Brain, Peacock Theatre,
15 Sep – 3 Oct 09.
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