Interview: Fighting Monkey: 'Movement for us is not a series of moves'

Thursday 14 September 2017

Fight Monkey by Mike Rafail

Fighting Monkey visit London for the first time this November. We talk to Co-founder Jozef Frucek about the workshops that feature movement situations from the ‘very easy to the impossible’.

How did you come to set up Fighting Monkey? How has it transitioned to the movement practice you work with today?

Linda (Fighting Monkey Co-Founder) and I felt very limited by the kind of practice we had been taught as professional athletes and artists. We felt trapped in schools of thought that did not come up to our momentum and we felt like we were waiting for our bodies to grow old and become obsolete.

We were looking for a practice that would keep our interest in life alive. That would nourish our everyday life with energy, help us survive and help us grow in every way we had dreamed of.

Movement for us is not a series of moves. It has to do with what humans are, want to be, dream of, live and die for. We also don’t only do movement practice, the term is too general and means nothing to us. The work we do is for people that need to sharpen their teeth in what ever domain they operate in.

Your workshops have been described as ‘physical, thoughtful, bizarre, exposing and enjoyable’. Can you talk us through a little about some of the techniques/practises you use and the impact that can have?

We create movement situations, meaning games and tasks, that vary from very easy to impossible to deal with. We use them as tests so that everyone can realise their own level of behavioural adaptability, mobility, plasticity and neurological efficiency according to each situation they face.

The basic elements we use to design our movement situations are Irregularity, Pressure, Difficulty and the Unknown. Also we use abstract tools such as the ‘Dragon ‘s pearl’ and also many sculptural materials such as wood, iron, clay, ropes and a lot of pencils and paper.

How can your workshops add to formal dance training?

We help you discover and take responsibility for what you need to do, according to the goals you have set for your own personal growth. What we see in our students and in the general realm of modern culture is that people are looking for their own voice in this world. We help them find it and use it.

Your London workshop is now sold out, are you going to teach in London again?

If there are people that are genuinely interested in what we do, yes we will come, even for meeting one person.

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