Interview: Brian Brady, Trinity Laban [BDE 2012]

Wednesday 25 January 2012

Brian Brady

Brian Brady is Head of the Theatre Programme at Laban, presenting works by visiting professional dance artists in the Bonnie Bird Theatre. Laban is part of Trinity Laban, the UK’s first conservatoire for music and dance – and one of the partner organisations presenting British Dance Edition 2012

“South-East London is a pretty busy part of London, particularly because of the fact that Laban is here and we have almost 400 students, so it does mean that a lot of people gravitate over here. Greenwich Dance also has a programme of professional class and so that’s appealing to a lot of dance artists – I like to think that in the future it will become even more attractive to artists to make and present dance as Laban and Greenwich Dance are entering into a joint programme from next year that will support artists at all scales and levels of development. Laban is particularly expanding the work that is offered to older and intergenerational groups – that’s something we’ve wanted to do but not been able to prioritise up to now.

“Because a lot of the key training institutions are here a lot of young dancers start training in London and then make their lives in London – so I would say it is the density of gifted dance artists that makes this city particularly exciting. I think we have suffered a little bit in the past by a perception of South-East London being in the margins but that picture of the London danceland has shifted. Many artists have come back to Laban and said how much they’ve enjoyed presenting here, and so the dance compass has shifted a little bit. It will be great to share that with the delegates – it’s nice to show off what we’ve got!

“We have a double bill (open to delegates only) with Shobana Jeyasingh and Michael Clark Company ; and we’re also hosting three artist talks from Rosemary Lee, Breaking Convention and Clod Ensemble. Shobana’s piece will be performed with a quartet of live musicians to a score by Michael Nyman; anything involving collaboration between live music and dance is very exciting for me personally, but it also reflects Trinity Laban’s commitment to new collaborations.

“Visitors coming to London in late January and early February who haven’t had enough dance could go to the Old Vic Tunnels and see Without Warning (31 Jan – 11 Feb). It’s a beautiful piece of work that Lizzi Kew-Ross created in response to An Evil Cradling the book by Brian Keenan , who was one of the three British hostages held in Beirut in the 1980s. We presented it here last November and Lizzie got funding to tour it quite extensively. This is Old Vic Tunnels’ first dalliance with contemporary dance. I think it’s going to be fantastic!”

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