1. Interview: Eddie Ladd Q&A

    Tuesday 6 April 2010

    Eddie Ladd’s Ras Goffa Bobby Sands/The Bobby Sands Memorial Race, which was a must see of the recent British Dance Edition in Birmingham opens the new Spring Loaded season at The Place on 10 April. The s… Continue Reading

  2. Interview: Gauri Sharma Tripathi Q&A

    Tuesday 6 April 2010

    Gauri Sharma Tripathi is one the UK’s leading Kathak artists. Her work is deeply grounded in the classical South Asian dance form, to which she brings a unique, contemporary relevance. Taking India and it… Continue Reading

  3. Interview: Kate Flatt Q&A

    Thursday 18 March 2010

    Kate Flatt is a leading theatre choreographer who has contributed to many landmark productions, on stage, in film and TV over the years with the National Theatre, Royal Opera House, ENO and the BBC, amongst man… Continue Reading

  4. Interview: Sara Baras Q&A

    Thursday 25 February 2010

    Spanish flamenco superstar Sara Baras brings her 20 strong company to the Royal Albert Hall on 12 & 13 March. Her BEST OF – show will be a celebration of her career, featuring extracts from some of her… Continue Reading

  5. Interview: María Pagés Q&A

    Thursday 18 February 2010

    María Pagés, 44, is one of Spain’s leading flamenco dancers, famous for her long, expressive arms and her warm, charismatic stage presence. She began her career dancing with Antonio Gades and founded he… Continue Reading

  6. Interview: Matthias Sperling Q&A

    Tuesday 2 February 2010

    Matthias Sperling is a contemporary dance artist, choreographer, performer and educator, originally from Canada and now based in London. He danced with Wayne McGregor’s Random Dance for five years and has… Continue Reading

  7. Interview: Jasmin Vardimon Q & A

    Tuesday 5 January 2010

    Jasmin Vardimon’s ‘Lullaby’ Lullaby opens at The Place: Robin Howard Dance Theatre on Thursday 26th February and is showing until Saturday 13th March 2004. Lullaby: Set in the depths of an ano… Continue Reading

  8. Common Dances Photo: Hugo Glendinning

    Interview: Rosemary Lee Q&A

    Tuesday 8 December 2009

    Rosemary Lee has been choreographing, performing and directing for over twenty years. She works in a variety of media, including installation and film and has also created several extraordinary large scale, sit… Continue Reading

  9. Interview: Antonia Franceschi Q&A

    Tuesday 8 December 2009

    Fame, Grease, New York City Ballet and now a pub theatre in Camden all feature in the life and times of choreographer and dancer Antonia Franceschi. Her new show opens this week (21 – 31 July) at the Lion… Continue Reading

  10. Interview: Shantala Shivalingappa Q&A

    Friday 13 November 2009

    Shantala Shivalingappa was born in Madras, India and brought up in Paris. From an early age she studied Bharatha Natyam before discovering another classical Indian dance form, Kuchipudi and falling in love with… Continue Reading

  11. Interview: Viviana Durante Q&A

    Monday 2 November 2009

    Viviana Durante joined the Royal Ballet in 1984 and came to prominence in 1987 when she replaced an injured Odette in mid-performance of Swan Lake, never having been coached in the role and aged just 20. She wa… Continue Reading

  12. Interview: Shobana Jeyasingh - from Bharatha Natyam to beatbox

    Thursday 22 October 2009

    Choreographer Shobana Jeyasingh makes work which combines the influences of her training in Bharatha Natyam, the classical dance of South India, with contemporary Western dance styles and even ballet, in unique… Continue Reading

  13. Interview: Suzanne Kirnbauer Q&A

    Wednesday 14 October 2009

    Spitze/Toe is one of the shows on offer in this year’s Chelsea Theatre’s Sacred season of contemporary theatre this year. Developed by Doris Uhlich, Spitze/Toe is an examination of classical dance: … Continue Reading

  14. Interview: Rafael Bonachela Q&A

    Monday 21 September 2009

    It’s not unusual to have two jobs working in dance – but Rafael Bonachela’s are on opposite sides of the world. Since 2008 he has been Artistic Director of Sydney Dance Company, whilst continu… Continue Reading

  15. Interview: Joe Jobe Q&A

    Wednesday 9 September 2009

    Joe Jobe is one of the dancers in Bounce, the street dance collective from Sweden, who will be back in London’s Peacock Theatre with their hit show Insane in the Brain, from 15 Sep to 3 Oct 09. They’… Continue Reading


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