Feature: The Jerwood Choreography Awards 2001

Friday 9 April 2010

Jerwood Choreography Awards 2001

Money that demands you to be creative. That’s too good an opportunity to let
pass by and this year the Jerwood Choreography Awards are more open and *flexible than ever before.*writes Allen Robertson, dance editor of Time Out
There’s £17,000 waiting for some choreographer to collect and £8,500 each will be handed out to two more dance-makers. The winners get more than cash, they are also linked up with Dance Umbrella for a year receiving a wealth of managerial support and advice, feedback and encouragement.
Henri Oguike Dance Company “Nothing like this exists in New York, where nobody gives you a dime” said
Mark Morris when he handed out the 1999 Awards to Fin Walker,
Akram Khan and Carol Brown. “These Awards prove that dance can be uplifting,
rewarding, dynamic and a vocation.” The current Jerwood recipients are
Jasmin Vardimon and Protein Dance Company’s founders Luca Silvestrini and
Bettina Strickler. Henri Oguike and Yael Flexer were the very first Jerwood
Choreography Award winners. Other recipients have included Charles Lineman,
Ted Stoffer and Stephen Hughes. All of them have been buoyed up by this
recognition of their talents and the Jerwood Awards have played a major role
in helping them to further establish their presence on the current dance
A significant change in the rules is being implemented this year so that the
large prize is now open for the first time to dance-makers of all ages. The
two £8,500 awards continue to be aimed at choreographers who are aged 35 or
under, though as the programme manager Betsy Gregory is quick to point out,
those under 35 should feel free to apply for the major award.

Applications have to be competed by August 13 and the three chosen
choreographers will then have a year in which to develop their award-winning
projects. This year’s very impressive judging panel is chaired by Richard
Alston and includes choreographers Shobana Jeyasingh and Wayne McGregor,
dancer and teacher Gill Clarke and the British Council’s Sophie Hansen. A
short list of nine candidates will be selected in early September with the
announcement of the winners taking place in October.
The single biggest cash prizes available to independent choreographers,
these awards were launched in 1997 by the Jerwood Charitable Foundation as a
joint initiative with the Arts Council of England. Alan Grieve, Jerwood’s
chairman says: “The Foundation values the Choreography Awards as a tangible
and visible contribution to dance. At the forefront of our support for the
arts, they pump oxygen into the creation of new work.” What better way to
help the dance world keep on its feet?

Application details from Dance Umbrella: 020 8741 4040 or

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