Feature: Siobhan Davies

Friday 7 April 2006

Siobhan Davies Dance Company: 'Plants and Ghosts' Siobhan Davies – is currently working with architect Sarah Wigglesworth on the design for a conversion of the Charlotte Sharman School Annexe in Southwark into a building which will house new dance studios, offices, and technical facilities for her company, due to open in 2004.
She talked of her ongoing dilemma as a choreographer as being when to be abstract, and when to be figurative. Initially her passion in dance was to ‘carve shapes’ in space, but over time she has pulled inwards, away from spatial orientation to ‘inhabit her skin’, experience the internal and the bridge to the external.
Recently she had started to feel ‘trapped’ by the experience of touring to different theatres – each a slight variation on a black box. Her latest work, ‘Plants and Ghosts’ was a response to that feeling and tours to a variety of working buildings. Although they are mostly large spaces, her intention was that the audience should be able to move close in, to ‘feel the heat’ and to see the decision making in the work. One move informs the entire piece – and she wanted the audience to be able to see that.
She is talking regularly with Sarah Wigglesworth about how the conversion will work, how her company will have a working relationship with the building – and what will come from the nature of the place, its story and inspirations.
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londondance.com interview with Siobhan Davies on ‘Plants & Ghosts’

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