News: Sergei Polunin - What Happened Next

Friday 24 August 2012 by Sarah Golding

Sergei Polunin made his shock exit from the Royal Ballet at the beginning of this year. Julie Kavanagh went to Kiev and Moscow to speak to him and his family to find out why such a talented young man seemed to be on a path to self-destruct. She talks to his teachers, fellow dancers, plus Monica Mason, Ivan Putrov and Igor Zelensky to find out what happened next.

ONCE HE HAD joined the company [Royal Ballet] in 2007, Polunin was fast-tracked through the ranks….It was too much too soon, leaving him no time to explore a character or discover nuances in the steps. When I saw him dance “Rhapsody”, created by Frederick Ashton to showcase Baryshnikov’s brilliance, all the crazily off-kilter tricks were there, but none of the impish grace notes. Des Grieux in “Manon” was a part he wished had been saved for later, but Monica Mason is convinced that Polunin would not have been happy if she’d held him back. “Talent must out. It was a no-win situation.” Confirming this, Polunin says that he could have done it all a year earlier, and in a four-month period when he was cast in “a lot of rubbish”, he fell into a slump.”

Read the full article in Intelligent Life, The Economist, Sept/Oct 2012

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