Feature: Sarah Wigglesworth

Friday 7 April 2006

Sarah Wigglesworth – began by defining her terms. Architecture is not about a visual image, it is about the social activity which happens within it. For her, dance is about applying narratives to space.
Architecture is defined by use, in the same way that dance can be used to define a space.
In her work with dance makers she has found a central conundrum. Dance requires both a background and a foreground. It wants an empty vessel to work in, but it also wants something which is inspirational and provocative. This provides a central tension and contradiction.

She responded to Carol Brown’s interest in ‘sensory architecture’, saying that she also felt that architecture could be a sensual being in it’s own right.

She was enjoying the idea of working with a building which had a past, which through reconstruction would be projected back and in to the future.

Both architecture and the body are concerned with the immediacy of actions in space. The body is constantly measuring space.

Buildings are empty vessels for projecting narrative – akin to watching dance.
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