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Tuesday 23 February 2010

Jasmin Vardimon

*Jasmin Vardimon is well known for her breathtaking physical dance theatre works,
which draw on her acute observation of human behaviour. She formed her own company
in 1997 and has been an Associate Artist at Sadler’s Wells since 2006.*

*This spring her company embarks on its biggest international tour to date, presenting
Yesterday and Justitia across Europe and Asia. Justitia is back at the Peacock Theatre 30 April to 3 May.*

*Although Jasmin is busy in the run up to the opening of the tour with Justitia on 16 March at Brighton Corn Exchange there is one show in particular she won’t
be missing in the next few weeks…*

Sylvie Guillem 'Eonnagata' Photo: Eric Gautron Why are you particularly keen to see Eonnagata, the collaboration between Sylvie Guillem, Robert Lepage and Russell Maliphant at Sadler’s Wells week (26 Feb – 8 Mar 09)? **Lepage’s fresh and original approach to creating theatre is what has always attracted me to go and see his work.
Besides his unique qualities as a creator and a director, Lepage is also one of my favourite performers to watch. He has this special ability to change characters very quickly; to adapt a new appearance and personality in a blink of an eye.
I was not surprised to hear he is collaborating with dance artists, as I could see movement was always integrated in his work in different ways.
Becoming a woman almost only by changing to a very subtle feminine movement in his The Far Side of The Moon was a beautiful dance moment he performed.
I am curious to see where this new collaboration of Lepage with Guillem and Maliphant will take his work.

Spill Festival of Performance 2 - 26 Apr 09Romeo Castellucci's 'Inferno', 'Purgatorio' *Which other shows will you will be making a point of seeing in London in the
next month or so? * **I am planning to go and see Romeo Castellucci at “The Barbican”:, (2 – 9 April) as part of the SPILL Festival. I saw a production of *Sociates Roffaello* 2004 at Laban, as part of the Lift Festival. Some images from this performance – even after many years – are still very
vivid in my memory. It was an extremely rich visual experience, which was satisfying
and disturbing at the same time.

As we are off on tour performing again in the very near future, I won’t be able
to see some of the shows I would have hoped to see, but I am sure I’ll catch a few
of them, such as *England* People Very Nice by Richard Bean at the “National Theatre “:(in rep until 30 Apr). I am attracted by the way serious subjects in this production
are treated in an amusing way+.+

I’ll also be going to see some of the Focus on Forsythe season at Sadler’s Wells (20 Apr – 10 May), with his intellectual work and use of text and sound within
dance performance. I’ll also be going to see the Tate Trienniel AlterModern exhibition at Tate Britain (until 26 Apr).

Hofesh Shechter, 'The Choreographer's Cut' Roundhouse, 27-28 Feb. Photo: Ben Rudick Hofesh Shechter used to dance with your company didn’t he? Will you be going to see his Uprising and In Your Rooms at the “Roundhouse”: (27 & 28 Feb 09) ? **I have already seen these works, so I won’t go this time, but I would happily recommend it.
As Artistic Director of my own company, I’ve always put a huge emphasis on the development and encouragement of the performers I work with to create and produce. It is a pleasure to see an artist I’ve worked with for a few years successfully developing his own work, and Hofesh is one of them, and certainly doing it very well.

More: ***For full UK tour dates & production info:*

  • Eonnagata is at Sadler’s Wells from 26 Feb – 8 Mar. Further dates, from 23 – 27 June have just been added.* More details/online booking

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