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Tuesday 23 February 2010

Chris Nash self portrait *Chris Nash is one of the world’s leading dance photographers and has been capturing
the changing face of British dance for the past 25 years.*

*There have been over 60 exhibitions of his dance photography around the world
over the years and in December there is a chance to see – and buy – his latest
work, produced while he has been a NESTA (National Endowment for Science and Technology
in the Arts) Dreamtime award winner (2005-6), as well as work spanning his career, in
The Chris Nash Winter Sale at Greenwich Dance Agency on 1 Dec.*

So what does he think you shouldn’t miss in the next month or so?

Probe's Antonia Grove.Photo: Chris Nash I will be getting on down to the fabulous Greenwich Dance Agency Cabaret Night next month (7 Dec). Although the cabarets run monthly, this line-up will include
Probe, a duo formed by two dancers whose work I love. Antonia Grove and Theo Clinkard are equally talented as dancers, designers and artists, a crossover that I am
interested in, given that I am a photographer. Both dancers trained and danced
with the Rambert before moving on to other companies and finally launching their own. All I can
say is that anything by this duo is bound to be thrilling and inventive. Grove,
who is an absolutely brilliant producer as well as a dancer, will be performing
a solo to the choreography of Jeremy James and the piece is called Scag.

On the same bill will be a work by choreographer, Frauke Requardt, in the form of a solo performed by Eva Raccatcha, taken from an extract from Requardt’s full length work, Jammy Dodgers. This Spanish dancer really knows how to perform and controls the stage with
such strength that she mesmerises her audience and has them exactly where she
wants them.

I like to watch dance to be enchanted and moved but I also study my favourite
dancers out there with a view to who will be good to work with and to strike up
partnerships. For this reason, it’s important for me to see what’s up and coming
as much as possible.

Allsorts from Matthew Bourne's Nutcracker! Photo: Eric Richmond Obviously I’m fascinated with photography, so I have to include the Jerwood Photography Awards Exhibition in a list of up and coming events. The equivalent to the Jerwood Dance Prize,
it’s where the emerging photographers who left college two or three years ago
are starting to make a name, so it should be exciting stuff.

I will also be taking my two boys to see Matthew Bourne’s Nutcracker!, which is at Sadler’s Wells this Christmas. I took my 21 year old daughter to see it when she was a little
girl and she loved it. It’s much more fun and outrageous than the traditional
version, especially the ‘Sweetie Dance’ where the cast dressed up as liquorice
allsorts. Don’t go expecting pointe shoes and the Sugar Plum Fairy and you won’t
be disappointed.

I have also been meaning to go to see the exhibition of Hockney on Turner Watercolours since it came on at Tate Britain months ago. Although this is not dance related, as a photographer, what you
are really doing is recording the light and that’s why theses paintings are so
inspiring to me. There is such a beautiful light given to everything that Turner
paints and his subjects just dissolve into this light which is exactly what I’m
recording too, but with a camera.

I first discovered dance when I was in my final year at Goldsmiths, doing Fine
Art. I met a dancer when I was a student and we collaborated on an animated project
for her degree show. I shot some pictures for her and one of the images out of
a whole batch was striking. This marked the start of a 25 year obsession with
capturing dance through the lens.

Interview by Rachel Nouchi

GDA (Greenwich Dance Agency) monthly Cabaret Night on 7 Dec

Matthew Bourne’s Nutcracker! at Sadler’s Wells Dec 13 – Jan 20

Hockney on Turner’s Watercolours at the Tate Britain until Feb 3, 2008

2007 Jerwood Photography Awards Exhibition, 9 Nov – 9 Dec

Chris Nash Winter Sale, Saturday 1 December, Greenwich Dance Agency, www.greenwichdance.org.uk


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