Feature: Rambert Dance Company

Friday 18 April 2008

Constant Speed

Mark Baldwin is Rambert’s Artistic Director. ‘Constant Speed’ is his first work for the company in his role there. It was commissioned to
celebrate Einstein’s centenary in 2005.

Rambert: 'The Parades Gone By' Rambert Dance Company

video clip of

The Parades Gone By

Choreography: Lindsay Kemp

Musical arrangement: Carlos Miranda
Lindsay Kemp’s ‘The Parades Gone By’
is a highly theatrical parody on the golden days of Hollywood. Set in a derelict film studio, a deranged director revisits his memories by lovingly conjuring up a galaxy of ghostly stars in a series of dream-like sequences from his films. As Valentino, Dracula, Marlene, Beauty and the Beast and Fred and Ginger, to name a but few, emerge from the darkness, their creator becomes more and more entangled in his own fantasies, until they run out of his control.
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