Feature: Nederlands Dans Theater I & II – together on one stage

Monday 28 June 2010

It’s not often you get the chance to see NDT 1 & NDT 11 together in one programme, but next week (6 – 10 July) the 50 dancers of both companies will dance together at Sadler’s Wells as part of the celebrations marking their 50 years as one of the world’s most innovative contemporary dance companies. Watch this video which shows both companies in rehearsal and includes interviews with some of the dancers, talking about their working lives which usually involve starting with NDT 11, the younger dancers’ company – and progressing on to NDT 1.

Nederlands Dans Theater, 50th Anniversary Programme, 6-7, 9-10 July. Sadler's Wells. Photo: 'Studio 2' Photographer: Rahi Rezvani Programme One (Tue 6 & Wed 7 July) features Paul Lightfoot and Sol León’s Subject to Change for NDT ll; NDT I and II perform together for Ji?í Kylián’s acclaimed Whereabouts Unknown, which is inspired by the choreographer’s interest in the tribal movements of the Australian Aborigines and Dissolve in this – a new work by Johan Inger, newly appointed Associate Choreographer of NDT.

Programme Two (Fri 9 & Sat 10 July) features two works performed by NDT I; Kylián’s final work as Resident Choreographer, Mémoires d’Oubliettes and his signature piece Symphony of Psalms. Lightfoot and León also present Studio 2 – a new work for the dancers of NDT ll.

More details/online booking on sadlerswells.com

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