Feature: londondance.com users survey

Friday 7 April 2006

online survey Earlier this year we carried out our first online survey on londondance.com

We wanted to find out more about the way that you use the site – what you like, or don’t like and how we can continue to improve the service that we bring to you. We also included some general questions to try and get at precisely what it is about dance that keeps you coming back for more. You can read *Hans de Kretser’*s full report in the PDF attached at the bottom of this page.

Thank you to the 1,300+ people who took part in the survey. We know that at times you had to be very persistent to complete it, as the survey software slowed down under the numbers of responses.

We now have a lot of useful information about the way that you use the site. The areas that we invest most time in – what’s on, listings and news are what respondents said that they come to the site for.

Things we thought notable:

  • Over 60% of respondents said that their interest in dance started as a result of taking part in dance classes – either at school or in private classes as a child. (page 7)
  • Almost as many people expressed an interest in street dance (33%) as those in ballet (39%) (page 7)
  • People who participate in dance do it for creative reasons more than for health reasons. (page 8)
  • We asked you what other art forms you attended/were involved in. We could have predicted the high interest in film (87%) and theatre(84%) – but there was also a high level of interest in visual arts, with 50% of respondents saying they attended galleries and/or museums regularly. (page 8)
  • We’re not claiming any great breakthroughs in research into dance audiences – it was a pilot project after all, but it has been an interesting benchmarking exercise.

And 40% of people say they dance in their living or bed rooms. Come on, we don’t believe the rest of you…

Carmel Smith

web editor

August 2005

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