Feature: Fuerzabruta is back

Sunday 16 December 2012 by Sarah Kearney


Fuerzabruta is coming back to the Roundhouse and promises to be even more exhilarating than the show’s previous visit to London six years ago.

Paul Bignell visits the director Diqui James and the cast in New York to find out what to expect,
“As before, there’s nothing resembling a plot – it is, I am told beforehand, about overloading the senses with a series of set-piece stunts, neatly segued by a pulsating, techno-folk soundtrack. The audience gets as perilously close to the action as the company’s insurance providers will presumably allow – which, in this brave new world of pure-performance theatre, is very close indeed.”

Read the full article, Independent, 16 December 2013

27 Dec – 26 January 2013
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