Feature: Demon Juice

Friday 14 December 2007 by Melanie Nix

Demon Juice

Demon Juice, performed at both Stratford Circus and the Royal Opera House in November 2007, was
the result of a partnership between the Royal Opera House Education and East London Dance. Composed by John Browne and directed by Karen Gillingham the production brought together some of the biggest movers and shakers in the
urban dance world: Robert Hylton (movement direction),Sean Graham (story and spoken word collaborator and dance artist) Natasha Khamjani (dance artist) and DJ Billy Bizznizz (music collaborator) worked alongside a cast from East London and the Royal
Opera House Education team to create a thought provoking, at times shocking but
ultimately beautiful piece of urban dance opera.

_London East. The early hours of Saturday morning. Lauryn is in alien territory.
On the fourth floor of a disused car park the party is in full swing when she
sees a hand inside a clapped-out car banging on the window. A girl trapped inside – in danger. The attacker escapes – jumping out of the car onto a nearby roof.
Lauryn gives chase, leaps through the fire, reaches the rooftop lair and finds
him there – Juice – eating casually and mocking the Silvertown Princess. He is
about to jump again when a supernatural presence appears. Could the demon’s reign
be finally over? Demon Juice is a dance opera – a street opera – an east side
story. The classic tale of Don Giovanni transposed to metropolitan London._

*London Youth Dance met up with four of the cast members to find out more about
both the creative process and their aspirations for the future . . .*

Click on the images below to read the interviews.

_*“Juice”: *_
**Orin, 18 yrs

_*“Squeeks”: *_
**Ricardo, 18 yrs

_*“Mary”: *_
**Shingirai, 14 yrs

_*“No – Go Community “: *_
**Krupa, 18 yrs

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