Feature: Carol Brown

Friday 18 April 2008

Historically, dance has so often been made for theatrical spaces, or as Carol Brown put it: “we customise ourselves for the built environment of the theatre”

Like Flamand, choreographer Carol Brown is also exploring the limits of the body,
which are beyond the skin. “Sensory architecture”, where the environment and the
body touch, interact and change each other appeal to her – a practice which values
feeling above looking.

Her work is also concerned with exploring new spaces – both in the making of
her work and in changing the framework in which it is seen. She quoted a Guardian
review of her latest work ‘Nerve’: _“The public, sitting on the floor or standing along the length of the asphalt
are more like a crowd than an audience, and Brown’s desire to blur the boundaries
between the theatre and the world outside is effectively realised”. She is currently working on an installation: _’The Tower of Touch’, which will be part of the 10th Prague Quadrennial in June 2003. The audience
will be free to move around the piece, and their view will be fragmented by the
structure in which movement takes place, except from a viewing tower, where the
view is ‘complete’, but the height is vertiginous and close proximity with other
audience members possibly uncomfortable and disturbing. Brown is aiming to “trip
up acquired conventions of viewing” and take her work into realms beyond the ‘comfortable’

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