Feature: Breakin' Convention Preview Picks

Thursday 30 April 2015 by Clare Evans

Antoinette Gomis

With Breakin’ Convention kicking off this weekend, here’s a preview of just a handful of the talent that’ll be on display. Outside of all the breaking, locking and popping skills on show, there’ll be some new elements in the mix this year. Get acquainted with some of the dynamic women raising questions about gender through their dance, and the crews fusing styles from House to Lindy Hop to bring us the best of both worlds.

The Krumpers:

Buckness Personified
One of London’s leading krump crew returns to Breakin’ Convention with a new piece choreographed by Duwane Taylor and Claire Hough.

Protocol Dance Company
Formed in 2008 by choreographers Jared Garfield and Lanre Malaolu, Protocol’s foundation of movement stems from a wide range of styles such as hip hop, popping and krump. An intense exploration of masculinity, the work sits on the knife edge between mischievous playtime and aggressive initiation. Protocol Dance Company explore power shifts within dynamic krump duets. Developed at Breakin’ Convention’s Open Art Surgery and recently seen at Resolution! 2015 at The Place, London

The Company
Lee Griffiths leads a collective of krump dancers exploring the male perspective within a woman’s world, an abstract piece based upon the text of Isabel Allende.

Cindy Claes
Cindy Claes asks the question – must a woman must choose between love and romance or her personal career goals? A solo piece using dancehall, hip hop and krump styles that raises questions about the status of romance in society today. Uses Dancehall elements and moves to great effect creating an excellent hybrid style:

The House, Afro-Funk and Lindy Hoppers:

Patience James and Fumy Opeyemi explore an energetic blend of n’dombolo, azonto and powerful Afro-funk styles. GOP have been at the forefront of the emerging Afro house dance scene in London. This is their first time performing at Breakin’ Convention.

Jade and Shango
Mixing lindy hop with modern hip hop, Jade and Shango present a period piece set in America around the time of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. A dynamic fusion of two renounced dancers in their individual fields, Jade coming from Boy Blue Entertainment, Shango from The Jiving Lindy Hoppers.

Antoinette Gomis
An original member of the fierce Zamounda crew premieres a brand new solo featuring music by Nina Simone and incorporating waacking and house dance. A dancer, choreographer and model, Antoinette Gomis is a leading dancer in the French street dance scene, and has danced under the direction of Wayne McGregor in the musical Kirikou

You can find out more about these artists and the rest of the line-up, at www.breakinconvention.com

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