Feature: Aurélien Bory's Plan B

Friday 18 January 2013 by Sarah Kearney

Compagnie 111 'Plan B' Photo: Aglae Bory

A large rectangular plane plays a key role in Aurélien Bory’s production Plan B. Jasper Rees finds out how,
“four clowning acrobats dressed in suits and ties tumble and juggle, clamber and roll, in a series of intricately structured narratives that tell of the relationship of mind and body with their surroundings and, depending on the angle of the plane – 30 degrees, zero or 90 – with gravity.”

Read the full article, Jasper Rees, Telegraph, 14 Jan 2013

Aurélien Bory’s Plan B is showing at the Queen Elizabeth Hall at the Southbank Centre this weekend as part of the International Mime Festival.
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