1. Feature: James Thierree

    Friday 7 April 2006

    La Veillée des Abysses A magically surreal show in which bodies and objects collide in an explosion of visual poetry. In a superb display of clowning, Thiérrée transforms commonplace actions into brilliant c… Continue Reading

  2. Feature: British Dance Edition 2006

    Friday 7 April 2006

    British Dance Edition, the showcase of the best of British dance is taking place in Leeds over the next few days (9 – 11 February). It is aimed at promoters in the UK and abroad, but some of the performanc… Continue Reading

  3. Feature: Rambert's 75th.

    Friday 7 April 2006

    75 Years of Rambert DanceOn 15 June 1926, the visionary Polish dance teacher, MARIE RAMBERT, presented a short ballet by her pupil Frederick Ashton at the Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith, marking the birth of what w… Continue Reading

  4. Feature: Forum

    Friday 7 April 2006

    ForumWe’ve got together with Criticaldance.com to create an area where you can post your thoughts and read other peoples comments on dance in London. Once you’ve registered, you have access to all t… Continue Reading

  5. Feature: Judith Jamison

    Friday 7 April 2006

    Judith Jamison brought her company, the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, back to London in 2002 following a ten year absence – and a cancelled visit due to take place just after 11 September 2001. A pr… Continue Reading

  6. Feature: Judith Jamison 1

    Friday 7 April 2006

    You are bringing over quite a varied selection of your repertoire, from the company classic ‘Revelations’, through an early piece of your own work, ‘Divining’, to new works. What inspired… Continue Reading

  7. Feature: Judith Jamison

    Friday 7 April 2006

    When you are auditioning for dancers, what qualities do you look for?Well, it’s the way you walk in the door and stand around. The last audition I had was for four men and one woman. About 250 women showed… Continue Reading

  8. Feature: Judith Jamison 2

    Friday 7 April 2006

    When you are auditioning for dancers, what qualities do you look for? Well, it’s the way you walk in the door and stand around. The last audition I had was for four men and one woman. About 250 women showe… Continue Reading

  9. Feature: Judith Jamison3

    Friday 7 April 2006

    Alvin Ailey died in 1989 . . . . and you’ve been at the helm for twelve years. How easy has it been to continue the precedent set by him, and has the company changed course at all in this time?I agreed wit… Continue Reading

  10. Feature: Interview Transcripts - Radio

    Friday 7 April 2006

    Dame Alicia Markovachooses her Desert Island Discs. Broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on Sun 29 Sep.02www.bbc.co.uk Interview with Wayne McGregorModernity meets a little bit of tradition in Work In Progress by Wayne McGr… Continue Reading

  11. Feature: Les Ballets Trocadero de Monte Carlo 01

    Friday 7 April 2006

    Les Ballets Trocadero de Monte CarloPeacock Theatre, 25 Sept-13 Oct 2001 The audience loved it. They laughed, cheered and devoured every exaggerated gesture, every flick of the head, every pouting mouth, every … Continue Reading

  12. Feature: Henri Oguike Dance Company

    Friday 7 April 2006

    Henri Oguike video clipOur video clip includes excerpts from:A Moment of Give (current Rep)Melancholy thoughts (current Rep)Ile Aye. A light hearted quintet danced to a medley of popular Brazilian songs by Caet… Continue Reading

  13. Feature: Mark Morris Dance Group 01

    Friday 7 April 2006

    Mark Morris Dance GroupSadler’s Wells, 16 – 20 Oct. & touring There must be at least a dozen “Star Trek” episodes where Captain Picard and Co beam down to an alien village to discove… Continue Reading

  14. Feature: Michael Clark Company 01

    Friday 7 April 2006

    Michael Clark CompanySadlers Wells 24 – 28 Oct. & touring. The return of Michael Clark to London, after three years absence, lived up to its hype. ‘Fall’, the first half of the programme, … Continue Reading

  15. Feature: Ballett Frankfurt 01

    Friday 7 April 2006

    Ballet Frankfurt’s Artifact@ Sadler’s Wells 3 – 5 Nov. 01 In 1984 William Forsythe’s ‘Artifact’ opened the floodgates on his company’s inventive obscurity. Today it hard… Continue Reading


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