1. Feature: Debate 1:

    Friday 7 April 2006

    Motion-captured dance and the death of the choreographer? In fact, Eshkar and Kaiser’s relationship to dance as digital artists was interesting. “We take the motions of others and restitch them toget… Continue Reading

  2. Feature: Debate2:

    Friday 7 April 2006

    Interactive new media and public Choice Interactivity is the byword of new technology. But what does it really imply? Kondition pluriel’s Scheme II has dancers interacting live with the stage environment. … Continue Reading

  3. Feature: Dance Teaching Essentials press release

    Friday 7 April 2006

    A new publication from Dance UK and partners was launched at The Place, London recently, in the presence of Tessa Blackstone, Minister of State for the Arts. Dance Teaching Essentials is a major step forward in … Continue Reading

  4. Feature: Watch this Space

    Friday 7 April 2006

    Watch This Space- a symposium on dance and architecture hosted by Dance UK in collaboration with Dance Umbrella and the Royal Institute of British Architecture took place the Chelsfield Room, Royal Festival Hal… Continue Reading

  5. Feature: John Lyall

    Friday 7 April 2006

    John Lyall – the architect who chaired the event has a particular interest in dance.He has worked on several dance projects with Rosemary Butcher, including 2d, 3d and Body as Site, performed at venues ra… Continue Reading

  6. Feature: Siobhan Davies

    Friday 7 April 2006

    Siobhan Davies – is currently working with architect Sarah Wigglesworth on the design for a conversion of the Charlotte Sharman School Annexe in Southwark into a building which will house new dance studio… Continue Reading

  7. Feature: Sarah Wigglesworth

    Friday 7 April 2006

    Sarah Wigglesworth – began by defining her terms. Architecture is not about a visual image, it is about the social activity which happens within it. For her, dance is about applying narratives to space. Ar… Continue Reading

  8. Feature: From the Floor

    Friday 7 April 2006

    From the floorArchitect *Malcolm Fraser thought it needed to be established that there were different ways of collaborating – that the creation of a building for dance is altogether different from making a… Continue Reading


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