1. Ben Duke in 'Paradise Lost (lies unopened beside me)'. Photo: Zoe Manders.

    Feature: Edinburgh - a risk assessment

    Monday 13 July 2015

    Ben Duke is taking a show to the Fringe. "I risk failure.. I think it would look like this: a slightly desperate, financially ruined, middle aged man dressed like God performing to a crowd of three people..." Continue Reading

  2. Genee 2015

    Feature: Genée International Ballet Competition 2015

    Sunday 12 July 2015 by Jessica Wilson

    The Royal Academy of Dance has a programme of workshops & events to complement the return to the UK of its flagship competition in September... Continue Reading

  3. Rambert's Adam Blyde and Miguel Altunaga in 'Rooster'. Photo: Tristram Kenton

    Feature: Free ranging Rooster

    Wednesday 8 July 2015 by Lise Smith

    With its sassy moves & soundtrack of vintage 1960s Rolling Stones hits, Christopher Bruce's well loved work is sure to be a festival favourite at Latitude next weekend... Continue Reading

  4. Lilia Pegado & Donald Hutera in the 'sunken garden'.

    Feature: Garden Parties and Park Living

    Tuesday 23 June 2015 by Donald Hutera

    Veteran freelance dance journalist turned curator/creative producer Donald Hutera on the dance-related performances in the 2015 InTRANSIT Festival. Continue Reading

  5. Project O - Jamila Johnson Small & Alexandrina Hemsley. Photo: Katarzyna Perlak

    Feature: SWAGGA - disrupting conventions in dance aesthetics

    Wednesday 3 June 2015

    Jamila Johnson-Small & Alexandrina Hemsley met social worker Kay & psychotherapist Charlotte after they came to see their work & expressed a desire to dance - but a feeling that dance wasn’t for them... Continue Reading

  6. Street art by Levalet, Paris, France (http://levalet.org).

    Feature: Gravity & Grace - The Institute of Controlled Falling

    Friday 29 May 2015

    Dramaturg Ruth Little guest edits this year’s Dance Umbrella’s Definite Article series.Her theme is our relationship with gravity -with contributions from artists, scientists & social commentators… Continue Reading

  7. Antoinette Gomis

    Feature: Breakin' Convention Preview Picks

    Thursday 30 April 2015 by Clare Evans

    Get to know a few of the artists who'll be bringing alternative and fusion styles to Breakin' Convention this weekend... Continue Reading

  8. Figs in Wigs 'Show Off'

    Feature: Figs in Wigs - playing with movement

    Tuesday 21 April 2015 by Clare Evans

    "We started making dance as soon as we started making theatre. As untrained dancers we developed a simple system of our own to create routines in a democratic manner..."  Continue Reading

  9. Joseph Mercier in 'R.I.OT.' Photo: Manuel Vason

    Feature: Joseph Mercier - Choreography for Superheroes

    Monday 20 April 2015

    RIOT is the result of a lifetime of wanting to be a superhero, & three years of figuring out how to put that childhood dream on stage. The result is a comic book that comes to life... Continue Reading

  10. 'Pina Bausch Backstage'
Photos by Kh. W. Steckelings

    Feature: Pina Bausch backstage by KH. W. Steckelings

    Monday 20 April 2015

    A book of 150 photographs taken by KH. W. Steckelings of Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch has just been published. We have a copy to win! Continue Reading

  11. Foundation for the Future: UK Initiatives panel. Photo: Clare Evans

    Feature: Dance UK Conference - Emerging Artists: Training, Creativity & Choreography

    Tuesday 14 April 2015 by Clare Evans

    Dance UK's first ever dance conference ended on an up-beat note, as the industry prepares itself for the dynamic next generation of dance artists. Continue Reading

  12. Jonzi D demonstrates his 'urban hip hop tree' at the Dance of the African Diaspora session. Photo: Carole Edrich

    Feature: Dance UK conference - The Future: dance Form debates

    Tuesday 14 April 2015

    On Saturday afternoon at Dance UK’s The Future: New Ideas, New Inspirations conference attendees were spoilt for choice as five concurrent sessions addressed the future of different dance forms: Ballet, B… Continue Reading

  13. The Future: New Ideas, New Inspirations. Photo: Jevan Chowdhury

    Feature: Dance UK Conference - The Future: New Ideas, New Inspirations

    Saturday 11 April 2015 by carmel smith

    Dance UK's industry wide conference closed on Sunday. So far we have reports on the Dragon's Den Agile fundraiser, dance in education, digital & health... Continue Reading

  14. NYDC in rehearsal.  Photo: Gigi Giannella

    Feature: The National Youth Dance Company - three years on

    Tuesday 7 April 2015 by carmel smith

    As NYDC prepare for the world premiere of their new work with Guest Artistic Director Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui on Friday, Director Jane Hackett tells us about the invaluable experience the company gives to young dancers.. Continue Reading

  15. ArtsEd Musical Theatre Easter School, 2014

    News: Easter Schools

    Tuesday 24 March 2015 by Clare Evans

    A selection of dance courses to get you moving these Easter holidays. Continue Reading


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