January 2014

  1. The McOnie Company cast preparing for 'Drunk'. Photo: Sean Halidy

    Contemporary dance meets commercial in The McOnie Company

    Friday 31 January 2014 by Carmel Smith

    Drew McOnie is a choreographer on a mission to create a new, accessible form of theatre-dance. His new show 'Drunk' opens at the Bridewell Theatre next week... Continue Reading

  2. Channel 4's new series 'Big Ballet' in a bid to overcome sizeism

    Friday 31 January 2014 by Deborah Jones

    For this new Channel 4 documentary series Big Ballet, 18 amateur plus-sized dancers were selected from 500 to master Swan Lake in 20 weekends under instruction from former Royal Ballet principal Wayne Sleep. Continue Reading

  3. Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui 'Apocrifu' Photo: Bettina Strenske

    Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui - Apocrifu - Queen Elizabeth Hall

    Graham Watts, Friday 31 January 2014 — Performance: 24 - 25 January 2014

    In almost every review of 'Apocrifu' the main focus has been on the three dancers but it is the magnificent seven of the polyphonic Corsican choir, A Filetta, that kept taking my breath away... Continue Reading

  4. Edward Watson - on the legacy of Billy Elliot for boys in ballet

    Friday 31 January 2014 by Deborah Jones

    'Tougher than he looks', the Royal Ballet's poster boy Edward Watson reveals his battle scars as he talks to The Telegraph about his intentions to keep dancing for as long as he can. Continue Reading

  5. Ivan Putrov - Men in Motion - London Coliseum

    Press Review 3Judith Mackrell, Guardian, Friday 31 January 2014Performance 30 - 31 January 2014

    Other works also suffer from the bitty, crowded format: too many semi-naked men emoting to classical music starts to become a blur of homoerotic schmaltz.But when the evening is good, it’s very good.  

  6. The Merchants of Bollywood - Peacock Theatre

    Press Review 3Neil Norman, Express, Friday 31 January 2014Performance 28 January - 15 February 2014

    In spite of cursory references to Partition and the “circle of life” this is really just an excuse for a succession of breezy dance numbers that owe more to 1970s, disco than anything authentically ethnic… but the sheer delirium of the hilariously lip… 

  7. Boris Charmatz / Musée de la Danse - enfant - Sadlers Wells

    Press Review Sarah Kent, Arts Desk, Thursday 30 January 2014Performance 29 & 30 January 2014

    The ambiguity of enfant makes it endlessly fascinating. At a time when adults have become too scared to handle children in case they are accused of inappropriate behaviour, witnessing so much hands-on manipulation is refreshing as well as troubling.  

  8. Boris Charmatz / Musée de la Danse - enfant - Sadlers Wells

    Press Review 2Lyndsey Winship, Evening Standard, Thursday 30 January 2014Performance 29 & 30 January 2014

    Boris Charmatz is well established in his native France as a conceptual choreographer who is interested in subversion and turning ideas in on themselves. Here it’s the nature of childhood, our agency over our bodies and probably some other stuff that’s not very clear.  

  9. Boris Charmatz / Musée de la Danse - enfant - Sadlers Wells

    Press Review 4Judith Mackrell, Guardian, Thursday 30 January 2014Performance 29 & 30 January 2014

    enfant is a work about transformations of energy and power… as the children awake and… start to make an impact on the action, goading the adults into a strutting, kicking, racing whirl of activity. The children are brilliant – ferocious, funny, joyous and… 

  10. Cindy Claes (centre) in 'Is My Whining Winding You Up?' Photo: Camilla Greenwell

    Dancehall introduced - by Cindy Claes

    Wednesday 29 January 2014 by Carmel Smith

    An evening celebrating Jamaican dancehall has already sold out two nights in the Lilian Baylis Studio at Sadler's Wells. Cindy Claes tells what she loves about it... Continue Reading

  11. New Adventures 'Lord of the Flies'

    Lord of the Flies - London dates on sale now

    Wednesday 29 January 2014 by Carmel Smith

    New Adventures' next show – a new large-scale dance spectacular production of comes in Sadler's Wells in October, as part of a UK tour... Continue Reading

  12. Royal Ballet - Giselle - Live Cinema Screening

    Press Review 4Louise Levene, Telegraph, Wednesday 29 January 2014Performance 27 January 2014

    The chief risk with any dance film is that the director’s roving eye will not focus on the moments that matter… However, director Ross McGibbon… hardly missed a trick… he was willing to sacrifice the occasional establishing shot in order to close in… 

  13. British Dance Edition 2014  - participating artists.

    British Dance Edition 2014

    Tuesday 28 January 2014 by Carmel Smith

    For the first time, the biennial showcase of the best of UK produced dance is taking place in Scotland this weekend... Continue Reading

  14. Royal Ballet - Hansel & Gretel - Linbury Studio Theatre

    Press Review 3Clement Crisp, Financial Times, Monday 27 January 2014Performance 24 - 28 January 2014

    Liam Scarlett, be it unequivocally said, has a fine, clear talent… His plotless works know the truth of ballet’s traditions – his first creations at Covent Garden won my (and every other observer’s) heart, and promise a future for our national troupe.  

  15. Vadim Muntagirov in 'Raymonda'  - part of the Tribute to Nureyev programme, 2013. Photo: John Ross

    Vadim Muntagirov to join The Royal Ballet

    Monday 27 January 2014 by Graham Watts

    Last seen as a pirate in English National Ballet's 'Le Corsaire', the 23 year old Russian star Vadim Muntagirov is jumping ship...  Continue Reading

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