July 2012

  1. Need a new dance studio? Rambert's building is up for grabs...

    Chiswick based dance studios to let...

    Monday 30 July 2012 by Carmel Smith

    Rambert Dance Company are on the move to a new, purpose-built home on the South Bank and their home since 1971 is now back on the market. Continue Reading

  2. Peter Schaufuss Ballet - Tchaikovsky Trilogy 'The Nutcracker'

    Peter Schaufuss Ballet - Tchaikovsky Trilogy – The Nutcracker

    Graham Watts, Monday 30 July 2012 — Performance: 23 - 28 July 2012

    On the night when at least 27 million of us watched the Olympic Opening Ceremony, how many would turn up at the London Coliseum to see the concluding part of the Schaufuss Tchaikovsky trilogy?  Continue Reading

  3. Akram Khan & dancers in 'Abide With Me', Olympic Opening Ceremony. Photo: Shimelle Laine.

    London 2012 - Isles of Wonder

    Monday 30 July 2012

    Akram Khan put contemporary dance centre stage in the opening ceremony for the London 2012 Olympics - but NBC, the US TV network, decided to cut it from their broadcasts. Continue Reading

  4. Peter Schaufuss Ballet - Tchaikovsky Trilogy – The Nutcracker

    Press Review Laura Thompson, Telegraph, Monday 30 July 2012Performance 23 - 28 July 2012

    It was hampered by a taped score, by dodgy choreography and by some sheets of crackling perspex that creaked across the stage whenever the action shifted into the sphere of dreams.  

  5. Peter Schaufuss Ballet - Tchaikovsky Trilogy – 'Sleeping Beauty'

    Peter Schaufuss Ballet - Tchaikovsky Trilogy – Sleeping Beauty

    Graham Watts, Thursday 26 July 2012 — Performance: 23 - 28 July 2012

    Performance reviewed: 24 July The Schaufuss trilogy of Tchaikovsky ballets begins to take a more coherent shape after this second part. A baton has been handed on from the first ballet ( Swan Lake) such that S… Continue Reading

  6. Image courtesy of London 2012

    Dance in the Olympic Opening Ceremony

    Wednesday 25 July 2012 by Carmel Smith

    Everyone is #savingthesurprise - but we do know some of the dancers and choreographers involved... Continue Reading

  7. Peter Schaufuss Ballet Tchaikovsky Trilogy 'Swan Lake'

    Peter Schaufuss Ballet - Tchaikovsky Trilogy – Swan Lake

    Graham Watts, Tuesday 24 July 2012 — Performance: 23 - 28 July 2012

    The concept of turning the three Tchaikovsky ballets into a triptych has promise. But the gulf between this good idea and the successful delivery of this first part of the trilogy turns out to be as huge as the … Continue Reading

  8. Peter Schaufuss Ballet - Tchaikovsky Trilogy – Swan Lake

    Press Review 2Judith Mackrell, Guardian, Tuesday 24 July 2012Performance 23 - 28 July 2012

    But anyone who messes with a classic has to know clearly what they’re doing, and have the resources to do it. Schaufuss fails on both counts.  

  9. Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker – Fase - Tate Modern Tank

    Press Review 4Sanjoy Roy, Guardian, Monday 23 July 2012Performance 18 - 20 July 2012

    But with the audience up close and on all sides, this staging also highlights human detail: the sense of feminine complicity, the alternately girly and boyish looks imparted by costume (swishy skirts, plain trousers) or gesture  

  10. Royal Ballet - Metamorphosis: Titian 2012 - Royal Opera House

    Press Review Jenny Gilbert, Independent, Sunday 22 July 2012Performance 12, 14, 16, 17, 20 July 2012

    It’s quite simply the most exciting new triple bill in memory. What a way to go.  

  11. Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures - Play Without Words

    Press Review Jenny Gilbert, Independent on Sunday, Sunday 22 July 2012Performance 12 July - 5 August 2012

    As with all Bourne’s best work, the detail and the humour is delicious. A game of charades, crisply timed to Terry Davies’s fabulous jazz score, is alone worth the price of the ticket.  

  12. Germaine Cheng (right) at Big Dance Trafalgar Square, 14 July 2012. Photo: Bettina Strenske

    One thousand dancers in one Square, for one performance only...

    Friday 20 July 2012

    My energy is boosted by the vast number of dancers & I can’t seem to wipe this smile off my face! It must be the biggest audience I will ever perform for & the largest group of dancers I will be a … Continue Reading

  13. 'Dancing Voices' Queen Elizabeth Hall, 11 July 2012. Photo: Belinda Lawley

    Dancing Voices - celebrating six decades

    Friday 20 July 2012

    On Wednesday in Big Dance week, hundreds of dancers and singers, most aged 60 plus, performed to a full house of 900 people in the Queen Elizabeth Hall - Claire Woodward reports. Continue Reading

  14. Fase: Four movements to the Music of Steve Reich, Tate Modern, 2012 
© Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker 
Photocredit: Herman Sorgeloos

    Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker – Fase - Tate Modern Tanks

    Lise Smith, Thursday 19 July 2012 — Performance: 18 - 20 July 2012

    Tate Modern's new subterranean space - The Tanks - make a surprisingly sympathetic place to get to know de Keersmaeker's work afresh – and perhaps even attract some new fans. Continue Reading

  15. Royal Ballet announce guest artists

    Thursday 19 July 2012

    Sergei Polunin returns to Covent Garden to partner Tamara Rojo in 'farewell' performances - and Natalia Osipova makes her Royal Ballet debut in Swan Lake - dancing with Carlos Acosta Continue Reading

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