May 2005

  1. Country Dancing?

    Monday 23 May 2005

    A symposium for artists, promoters and policy makers which looks at dance practice outside of cities takes place this week in Illminster,Somerset from 25 – 27 May. It is believed to be the first of its ki… Continue Reading

  2. Rambert Dance Company
Sadler's Wells 24 - 28 May
'Constant Speed' 
Chor. Mark Baldwin
Dancers: Angela Towler and David Mack
Photo: Anthony Crickmay

    Physics is everything

    Monday 23 May 2005

    - Rambert’s Director Mark Baldwin should know – he’s been studying quantum physics for his latest work for the company. Constant Speed premieres at Sadler’s Wells this week -and was commi… Continue Reading

  3. 'Forest' in rehearsal with Robert Cohan, Darshan Singh Buller and Phoenix dancers

    Happy Birthday Robert Cohan

    Friday 20 May 2005

    At the end of a gala evening celebrating his life and work – and marking his 80th birthday, Robert Cohan was presented with the National Dance Awards special committee prize in recognition of his lifetime&… Continue Reading

  4. Billy Elliott the Musical

    Wednesday 18 May 2005

    The best British musical ever? Critical and audience opinion is unanimously ecstatic… ‘A sub-Broadway sentimentality can easily slip and slither into musicals, transforming them into escape-hatches … Continue Reading

  5. Lea Anderson

    Wednesday 11 May 2005

    - choreographer and founder of the Cholmondeleys & the Featherstonehaughs talks the life changing moment she was hit by a car. “As I ran, the car followed, gaining speed. It didn’t look like some… Continue Reading

  6. Raissa Struchkova

    Wednesday 11 May 2005

    - the Bolshoi ballerina, died earlier this monthat the age of 79. ‘To London audiences, she became a special favourite, even before they got to see her as a Bolshoi artist.’ Read obituaries in the Gu… Continue Reading

  7. Victor Silvester

    Wednesday 11 May 2005

    - pioneered ballroom dance on TV, his son Christopher writes: ‘His Television Dancing Club, which started in 1948, made a profound impression on early television viewers. The programme contained a short da… Continue Reading

  8. Just for Show

    Wednesday 11 May 2005

    Lloyd Newson, talks about his latest work with DV8… “A lot of dance is just glorified modelling. It’s no more than showing off. If you were looking for adjectives for dance, you’d think &… Continue Reading

  9. Lee Hall - on why he wrote Billy Elliott

    Wednesday 11 May 2005

    “The piece is about the loss of community, identity and a collective politics which inspired generations of people and which was wiped out almost overnight for ideological reasons. But in the bravery, sens… Continue Reading

  10. Hip hop horror

    Wednesday 11 May 2005

    Breakin Convention – an international festival of hip hop dance theatre opens at Sadler’s Wells this weekend – with a horror theme for Friday 13th. Is there a link between hip hop and horror fi… Continue Reading

  11. DV8 'Just for Show'
Photo: Jiri Volek

    DV8 cancel opening of new show

    Monday 9 May 2005

    DV8 Physical Theatre had to cancel the UK premiere of Just for Show at Brighton Festival due to the serious illness of one of the company’s dancers, Mikel Aristegui. Just for Show was one of the opening p… Continue Reading

  12. Breakin Convention - again

    Monday 9 May 2005

    Sadler’s Wells is preparing for a second hip hop festival this weekend. “To do Breakin’ Convention again says a lot about the creativity of hip-hop culture and the knowledge and diversity of th… Continue Reading

  13. Rambert, Union and Kylie

    Monday 9 May 2005

    - all part of the working life of choreographer Rafael Bonachela. As Union Dance premiere his latest new work at the Queen ELizabeth Hall this week, he explains his work for Miss Minogue to dance critic Ismene B… Continue Reading

  14. Billy Elliot - the Musical

    Monday 9 May 2005

    Directory Stephen Daldry talks about turning the film into a stage musical, in which all the players express themselves through dance. _“Basically, we went round and watched a lot of Northumbrian people da… Continue Reading

  15. The Place Choreodrome 2005

    Friday 6 May 2005

    Former resident artists Jonathan Burrows, Carol Brown and Colin Poole are returning to The Place along with 34 other contemporary dance artists chosen to take part in Choreodrome, The Place’s biennial Summ… Continue Reading

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