December 2003

  1. Stanislavsky Ballet

    Monday 22 December 2003

    ‘Nutcracker’ is at the Royal Festival Hall until 4 Jan 04. “For those who dislike surprises, the Stanislavsky’s Nutcracker will be balm to the ears and eyes… The point of the show i… Continue Reading

  2. Frayling

    Monday 22 December 2003

    ‘Frayling is even better connected than his predecessor in the job, the former Granada chairman Gerry Robinson, enthuses a profile in the magazine Art Industry, “because his natural world is the edgy… Continue Reading

  3. Alina Cojocaru

    Monday 22 December 2003

    dances Cinderella in the Opera House prpduction which opens this week. She talks to Zoe Anderson in the Independent, 18 Dec Continue Reading

  4. The Bolshoi work with Declan Donnellan

    Monday 22 December 2003

    The theatre director and founder of Cheek by Chowl has worked with the Bolshoi on a production of Romeo and Juliet. It comes to London next summer. He first saw MacMillan’s production at the age of 16 R… Continue Reading

  5. n s

    Wednesday 17 December 2003

    today we ghave a new cms today we ghave a new cms today we ghave a new cms today we ghave a new cms today we ghave a new cms today we ghave a new cms Continue Reading

  6. an story

    Wednesday 17 December 2003

    Link to the Times Continue Reading

  7. Wayne McGregor

    Wayne McGregor

    Friday 12 December 2003

    Wayne McGregor has been awarded an Arts Council England /Arts and Humanities Research Board Arts and Science Research Fellowship with Cambridge University for Choreography and Cognition: a joint research project… Continue Reading

  8. The Wind in the Willows is back

    Thursday 11 December 2003

    - at the Linbury Studio Theatre. Choreographer William Tuckett talks to the Independent, 11 Dec. 03 Continue Reading

  9. Matthew Bourne

    Tuesday 9 December 2003

    has two revivals on in London this month. “The two pieces neatly demonstrate his range: one light, the other dark. Sex and class are issues in both – but handled with cartoon humour in ‘Nutcrac… Continue Reading

  10. Duckie

    Wednesday 3 December 2003

    - the Vauxhall-based cult gay nightclub are bringing table dancing to the Barbican. Read more in the Independent, 3 Dec 03 Continue Reading

  11. Anastasia Volochkova

    Wednesday 3 December 2003

    - fired from the Bolshoi for being ‘too fat’ (7st 10lb) has been reinstated according to theTimes, 3 Dec 03 Continue Reading

  12. Wayne Sleep and Anthony Dowell

    Monday 1 December 2003

    play the Ugly Sisters in the Royal Ballet’s ‘Cinderella’. Judith Mackrell talks to them in the Guardian, 1 Dec 03 Continue Reading

  13. Christmas Dance in London

    Monday 1 December 2003

    The Times critic Debra Craine has some recommendations…Times, 1 Dec 03 Continue Reading

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