1. Carlos Acosta - Cubania - Royal Opera House

    Press Review 3Vanessa Keys, Telegraph, Tuesday 28 July 2015Performance 27 July - 2 August, 2015

    Alexander Varona as the cigar-puffing, shoe-shuffling, gyrating rival in Tocororo is a stand-out, and Acosta transitions flawlessly from ballet maestro to boyhood breakdancer and back again. There’s energy aplenty but as a whole, lacks the passion to make a mark. 

  2. Cubania - 'Sight Unseen', Royal Opera House. Photo: ©ROH / Bill Cooper

    Carlos Acosta - Cubania - Royal Opera House

    Siobhan Murphy, Tuesday 28 July 2015 — Performance: 27 July - 2 August, 2015

    The end is almost nigh for Carlos Acosta’s classical ballet career – he says he’ll finish next year – but the Royal Ballet’s Cuban dynamo has no intention of giving up dance... Continue Reading

  3. Danza Contemporanea de Cuba in 'El Cristal' Photo: Monster Cat.

    Danza Contemporanea de Cuba - at home

    Tuesday 28 July 2015 by Rhiannon Brace

    As members of Cuba's leading contemporary dance company join Carlos Acosta in his 'Cubania' at the Royal Opera House, Rhiannon Brace writes about seeing them perform & rehearse in Havana... Continue Reading

  4. Popin' Pete. 
Photo: Irven Lewis

    Pop Shop youth take over day

    Tuesday 28 July 2015 by Clare Evans

    Head along 12 August to celebrate the United Nations' International Youth Day with a day of workshops, art, and the chance to meet Popin' Pete. Continue Reading

  5. Ardani 25 Dance Gala - London Coliseum

    Press Review 3Luke Jennings, Observer, Tuesday 28 July 2015Performance 17 & 18 July 2015

    The evening’s final work is Arthur Pita’s Facada. Vasiliev is splendidly droll as the bridegroom who gets last-minute cold feet, and Osipova cuts loose with fabulous abandon as the jilted bride who, having wept several bucketfuls of tears, sets forth to extract revenge. 


    Friday 24 July 2015 by Clare Evans

    The selected shows will be performed at The Place as part of a triple bill in either January or February 2016. Continue Reading

  7. 'The BENCH' set to smash glass ceiling for Female Choreographers

    Friday 24 July 2015 by Clare Evans

    The new initiative aims to raise the profile of female choreographers in the UK and Internationally, and offers bespoke talent development/training for the recipients.  Continue Reading

  8. Rudolf Nureyev and Margot Fonteyn, former Royal Ballet dancers.

    White Lodge Museum moves into the digital age

    Friday 24 July 2015 by Clare Evans

    The extensive photographic and documentary records of many celebrated alumni will become accessible worldwide through a new online timeline. Continue Reading

  9. © Ballet Folkloricko De Mexico De Amalia Hernandez

    Ballet Folklórico de México - London Coliseum

    Siobhan Murphy, Friday 24 July 2015 — Performance: 22 - 25 July 2015

    Performance reviewed: 22 July Think of a touristic cliché – pretty much any touristic cliché – of Mexico and it almost certainly appears somewhere in Ballet Folklórico de México’s dazzlingly slick show… Continue Reading

  10. Wayne McGregor's Woolf Works - Royal Ballet - Edward Watson, Natalia Osipova.
Photo: Tristram Kenton, ®ROH, 2015.

    How contemporary choreographers are transforming ballet

    Friday 24 July 2015 by Clare Evans

    The Independent's Zoë Anderson on how ballet got its confidence back. Continue Reading

  11. Arbonauts - The Desire Machine - Brunel Tunnel Shaft

    Press Review 2Lyn Gardner, Guardian, Friday 24 July 2015Performance 14 - 25 July, 2015

    Arbonauts, who have previously created work in Nunhead cemetery, are attracted to the dark and mysterious, and they don’t like to give too much away. By taking that approach, they don’t necessarily do themselves any favours.  

  12. New Adventures - The Car Man - Sadler's Wells

    Press Review 4Judith Mackrell, Guardian, Friday 24 July 2015Performance 14 July - 9 August, 2015

    … But The Car Man remains vintage Bourne nonetheless. Like all his works it delivers a supremely and inventively slick entertainment: at its best it also drills down to a hard core of emotional truth.* 

  13. Ballet Folklorico de Mexico - London Coliseum

    Press Review 5Neil Norman, The Stage, Thursday 23 July 2015Performance 22 - 25 July 2015

    The sheer joy bubbling on the stage is infectious and literally spills into the audience as the dancers take to the aisles and invite lucky spectators to dance with them. If you don’t come out with a big, fat smile on your face you are deaf, dumb and blind. In fact… 

  14. Ballet Folklorico de Mexico - London Coliseum

    Press Review 3Lyndsey Winship, Evening Standard, Thursday 23 July 2015Performance 22 - 25 July 2015

    Enter the world of Mexican folk dance and we’re talking fuchsia socks with pea-green tights, bejewelled jade tunics and hats like bouquets of hydrangeas (and that’s just the men). There are huge, swirling orange skirts and rainbow-plumed headdresses. It’s so undeni… 

  15. Ballet Folklorico de Mexico - London Coliseum

    Press Review 3Sanjoy Roy, Guardian, Thursday 23 July 2015Performance 22 - 25 July 2015

    The drilled ranks of dancers rattling out rhythms against the floor in the opening Mattachine number; the fiesta scenes with their weaving lines of beaming lads and lasses, toe-tapping their way into and out of each other’s arms – these and several other scenes could… 


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