1. Royal Ballet - Draft Works

    Press Review 3Luke Jennings, Guardian, Monday 2 March 2015Performance 24 -26 February, 2015

    His muse is witchy, wild-haired Camille Bracher, here in the grip of some unspecified anguish as an eight-strong ensemble dips and weaves. The result is cryptic, but the choreographic impulse is true. I hope Blommaert and Bracher continue working together. 

  2. Boy Blue Entertainment - 'A Night with Boy Blue'
Photo: Tristram Kenton

    Review: Boy Blue Entertainment - A Night with Boy Blue

    Samantha Whitaker, Monday 2 March 2015 — Performance: 27 - 28 February 2015

    Of course, the smaller the dancers, the louder the cheers – but so many of them are so good, oozing attitude and confidence, their swag fully justified by their exceptional talent and skill. Continue Reading

  3. Robert Clark's Happiness Treatment

    News: Nottdance - get happy

    Saturday 28 February 2015 by carmel smith

    Robert Clark's Happiness Treatments and a retrospective of the work of Rosemary Butcher are just two reasons for booking a ticket to Nottingham for this year's Nottdance festival, 5 - 15 March. Continue Reading

  4. Ballet Nacional de España - Flamenco Festival London - Sadler's Wells

    Press Review 2Sanjoy Roy, Guardian, Friday 27 February 2015Performance 26 - 28 February, 2015

    If somewhat lacking in dramatic passion or formal innovation, the stripped-down style nevertheless engenders its own pleasure and power: you register the poise and precision of these beautifully schooled dancers, and sense the inner life contained within them. 

  5. Birmingham Royal Ballet 'Carmina Burana'

    Feature: Win tickets to see Birmingham Royal Ballet in Serenade & Carmina Burana

    Friday 27 February 2015

    We have a pair of tickets to win to see BRB in a programme celebrating Director David Bintley's 20th anniversary with the company... Continue Reading

  6. Uchenna Dance 'Our Mighty Groove'. Photo: Camilla Greenwell

    Interview: Vicki Igbokwe - fierce, fabulous & free

    Friday 27 February 2015 by carmel smith

    One night in a New York club Vicki Igbokwe "was baptised on the dance floor & it changed who I am as a woman and artist". Find out more about 'Our Mighty Groove' inspired by that experience.. Continue Reading

  7. 'Physical Science' Photo: Alicia Clarke

    Review: Nutshell Dance - Physical Science - Blue Elephant Theatre

    Jeffrey Gordon Baker, Friday 27 February 2015 — Performance: 21 February 2015

    Physical Science is a perky introduction to the fundamentals of movement mixology. Three little pots of brightly coloured potion sit mysteriously centre stage... Continue Reading

  8. Anna Rose O'Sullivan & Luca Acri in Marcelino Sambé's 'Dez Days' ©ROH, 2015. 
Photo: Andrej Uspenski

    Review: Royal Ballet - Draft Works

    Graham Watts, Friday 27 February 2015 — Performance: 24 -26 February, 2015

    There has been so much attention on the lack of opportunity for female choreographers in the world of ballet that one would have thought heaven and earth would have been moved to include at least one work by a woman. Continue Reading

  9. BEHOLDER OF BEAUTY" BY MBULELO NDABENI (dancers Piedad Albarracin Seiquer and Mbulelo Ndabeni)
Photo: Hugo Glendinning

    Review: Hubert Essakow - 1898 - The Print Room at the Coronet

    Donald Hutera, Friday 27 February 2015 — Performance: 24 - 28 February 2015

    I’d wager that I’m not the only one who’s glad that independent producer and The Print Room’s founding artistic director Anda Winters is investing in dance. This innately friendly theatre’s new home in… Continue Reading

  10. News: Comic Relief Danceathon

    Friday 27 February 2015

    Six hours, 12 different dancing styles, all of them simple but fabulous - Get involved and dance for a good cause! Continue Reading

  11. Here East roof
Photo: Gilbert McCarragher

    News: Studio Wayne McGregor to open next year in East London

    Friday 27 February 2015

    Wayne McGregor is to create new world-class arts space at Here East in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, opening in 2106 Continue Reading

  12. Eva Yerbabuena 
Photo: Daniel Perez, Teatro Cervantes

    Review: Eva Yerbabuena - ¡Ay! - Flamenco Festival London - Sadler's Wells

    Graham Watts, Friday 27 February 2015 — Performance: 23 - 24 January 2015

    Yerbabuena’s artistry and stamina are remarkable and her haunting evocation of the dreamlike states of this mysterious woman in black provided an artistic experience to savour.  Continue Reading

  13. Hubert Essakow - 1898 - The Print Room at the Coronet

    Press Review 3Sanjoy Roy, Guardian, Friday 27 February 2015Performance 24 - 28 February 2015

    An enticing if tantalisingly ungraspable piece, Adieu shows Essakow revisiting the suggestive themes of last year’s Ignis: age, triangular relationships, fantasy, memory. 

  14. Why Dance Matters debate. 
Photo: Lucy White

    News: Why Dance Matters...

    Thursday 26 February 2015 by carmel smith

    Carlos Acosta, Jonzi D, Seeta Patel and Kenneth Tharp were part of a panel debate at Sadler's Wells on Monday... Continue Reading

  15. London Ballet Company 'Eve' Photo: Cocography

    Review: The London Ballet Company - Eve - St James Theatre Studio

    Claire Cohen, Wednesday 25 February 2015 — Performance: 24 - 28 February 2015

    A great idea for your lunchbreak - how about watching a 45-minute feast of ballet treats right in the middle of Victoria? You can even bring your own sandwiches... Continue Reading


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