March 2015

  1. Maddy Morgan and Nathan Johnston in Rhiannon Faith's 'The Date'.

    Rhiannon Faith - The Date - Battersea Arts Centre

    Claire Cohen, Tuesday 10 March 2015 — Performance: 2 & 3 March 2015

    ‘Did they or didn’t they?’ The answer to that question was dealt with early on in Rhiannon Faith’s new work The Date and the answer is, ‘Yes, they did!’ Her two dancers Maddy … Continue Reading

  2. David Bintley in rehearsal with Delia Mathews. Photo: Andrew Ross

    David Bintley: A lifetime of outstanding achievement - Part One

    Tuesday 10 March 2015 by Graham Watts

    Birmingham Royal Ballet's evergreen director and choreographer talks about his career, the traditions of British Ballet and what makes a happy company, in this first instalment of a two-part interview... Continue Reading

  3. Jiri Kylian - Petite Mort (James Forbat and Ksenia Ovsyanick)
Photo - David Jensen

    The lasting impact of William Forsythe

    Monday 9 March 2015 by Clare Evans

    Commissioned by Rudolf Nureyev and starring Sylvie Guillem, Forsythe’s 1987 ballet In the Middle, Somewhat Elevated, was monumental. Ahead of its revival this month, The Guardian looks at why. Continue Reading

  4. Compañía Manuel Liñán

    Compañía Manuel Liñán - Nómada - Flamenco Festival London - Sadler's Wells

    Graham Watts, Monday 9 March 2015 — Performance: 1 March, 2015

    It’s a show that navigates a criss-crossing course between flamenco traditions and the trend-setting nuevo flamenco where Liñan stands in the forefront of innovators Continue Reading

  5. Mats Ek’s Juliet & Romeo

Photo: Gert Weigelt

    Olivier Awards Nominations 2015

    Monday 9 March 2015 by Clare Evans

    The lucky dancers, choreographers and companies competing for London theatre’s most sought-after award have been announced. Continue Reading

  6. Romeo and Juliet - The Peacock

    Press Review 5Jeffery Taylor, Express, Monday 9 March 2015Performance 3 - 29 March 2015

    The story is precisely told in tightly manicured sequences but the secret ingredient in this onslaught of theatrical precision pours from the stage from these exceptional dancers.  

  7. 'Sea Without Shore' 
Maverick Motion

    Film - Sea Without Shore - Andre Semenza & Fernanda Lippi

    Idris Magee, Friday 6 March 2015 — Performance:

    Without constraining itself merely to capturing a performance, documentary-style, on camera, the filmmakers create a dance film in a more holistic sense: the stark camera work, the beautiful and haunting landscap… Continue Reading

  8. ABT - 'Sleeping Beauty'

    American Ballet Theatre takes Sleeping Beauty back to basics

    Friday 6 March 2015 by Clare Evans

    Alexei Ratmansky claims his new production of the classic ballet is closer to Marius Petipa’s 1890 original than any other contemporary production – and the dancers are rising to the physical challenge Continue Reading

  9. Film - Sea Without Shore - Andre Semenza & Fernanda Lippi

    Press Review 3Leslie Felperin, Guardian, Friday 6 March 2015Performance

    There’s no discernible narrative, but cinematographer Marcus Waterloo’s twilight-hour visuals, Glenn Freemantle’s subtle, layered sounds, and the Hafler Trio’s music create conspire to create a lyrical sense of wintry desolation. 

  10. Romeo and Juliet - The Peacock

    Press Review 2, Independent, Friday 6 March 2015Performance 3 - 29 March 2015

    Canterna herself is a hyperactive Juliet, hurling herself into clingy duets with Preston Swovelin’s stolid Romeo. Her company look happiest in the shirts-off high kick scenes, more comfortable with the flashy bits than the narrative. 

  11. Rachel Redford as Alice and Rufus Sewell as Larry
Photo: Johan Persson

    Wayne McGregor on choreographing actors for Closer

    Friday 6 March 2015 by Clare Evans

    The Artistic Director of Wayne McGregor | Random Dance reveals his techniques to helping actors develop a unique physicality for the characters they’re playing. Continue Reading

  12. Rasta Thomas' 'Romeo and Juliet'

    Romeo and Juliet - The Peacock

    Samantha Whitaker, Thursday 5 March 2015 — Performance: 3 - 29 March 2015

    I really didn’t like Rasta Thomas’ Rock the Ballet last year, but I was prepared to give these guys another chance in the hope that a strong narrative would pull together some of the randomness, repet… Continue Reading

  13. Rachel Dean 
Photo: Michael Boucherie

    Pick of Resolution! Review, week four - The Place

    Francesca Mcloughlin & Lyndsey Winship, Tuesday 3 March 2015 — Performance: 8 Jan - 21 Feb 2015

    A selection of writing from the Resolution! review programme... Continue Reading

  14. Estela Merlos
Photo: Tom-Rowland

    Pick of Resolution! Review, week three - The Place

    Hailey McLeod & Sanjoy Roy, Tuesday 3 March 2015 — Performance: 8 Jan - 21 Feb 2015

    Our pick of writing from week three of the Resolution! review programme. Continue Reading

  15. Ballet Nacional de España - 'Suite Sevilla'
Photo: Josep Aznar

    Ballet Nacional de España - Flamenco Festival London - Sadler's Wells

    Graham Watts, Tuesday 3 March 2015 — Performance: 26 - 28 February, 2015

    Both the old and the new were showcased in Najarro’s first programme for London, accentuated with a generous helping of the spangle and glitz that goes with ice dance. Continue Reading


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