February 2007

  1. Emio Greco & Pieter C. Scholten in Hell at Barbican Theatre

    Press Review Debra Craine, Times, Monday 5 February 2007Performance 28 Jan - 3 Feb 07

    ‘The hard-working performers are not without interest, but they are trapped in a hollow production with ludicrous airs and conceits. In the end, the real Hell is the one the audience for this self-indulgent nonsense is forced to endure.’  

  2. Ballet Black at Linbury Studio

    Press Review Allen Robertson, Times, Monday 5 February 2007Performance 31 Jan - 3 Feb 07

    ‘Cassa Pancho, the founding director of Ballet Black, must be over the moon. Any small-scale ballet company you can name would be thrilled to have produced these works.’  

  3. Hofesh Shechter

    Joined up dance for London

    Friday 2 February 2007

    Choreographer Hofesh Shechter is a happy man: “This is an amazing, challenging opportunity to present my work in front of different audiences and on different scales, to work with the best dancers, the be… Continue Reading

  4. Jacksons Lane

    Jacksons Lane closes - temporarily

    Friday 2 February 2007

    Jacksons Lane, one of North London’s busiest arts centres, has closed for at least a month due to structural damage to the building caused by the recent storms. The high winds and stormy weather caused mas… Continue Reading

  5. Flock at Trafalgar Square

    Graham Watts, Friday 2 February 2007 — Performance: 1 - 3 Feb 07

    When I told my daughter that I had just danced in ‘Swan Lake’ she fell off the chair, laughing: “…but it’s true…” said I, in vain. You, too, can be a swan since ‘… Continue Reading

  6. Emio Greco & Pieter C. Scholten in Hell

    Press Review Mariko Harano, , Friday 2 February 2007Performance 28 Jan - 3 Feb 07

    Despite its title, Emio Greco|PC_´s _Hell generally emits gentle and peaceful sensations featuring eight superb performers with varied body shapes and physicalities. As spectators enter the auditorium, they notice that the audience members who have already arrived are b… 

  7. Ballet Black at Linbury Studio

    Jessye Parke, Friday 2 February 2007 — Performance: 31 Jan - 3 Feb 07

    Ballet Black’s sold out performance at the Linbury Studio Theatre last night attracted some prestigious audience members. Members of Parliament rubbed shoulders with choreographers, artistic directors and … Continue Reading


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