October 2014

  1. BRB 'Miracle in the Gorbals' - Delia Mathews as the Suicide and Iain Mackay as the Minister with artists of the company. Photo: Roy Smiljanic

    Feature: Miracle in the Gorbals: a landmark in British Ballet rediscovered.

    Monday 13 October 2014 by Graham Watts

    Gillian Lynne was in the original 1944 production of Robert Helpmann's ballet, which she has recreated for Birmingham Royal Ballet. Graham Watts looks back at divided critical opinion of the time...  Continue Reading

  2. Ben Duke with  Ino Riga in 'Like Rabbits'. Photo: Zoe Manders

    Review: Lost Dog and Lucy Kirkwood - Like Rabbits - The Place

    Graham Watts, Monday 13 October 2014 — Performance: 10 & 11 October 2014

    Ben Duke & Lucy Kirkwood have created a loose interpretation of Virginia Woolf’s short story ‘Lappin and Lapinova’ in dance theatre, through a pleasing blend of spoken text, mime and movement.  Continue Reading

  3. New Adventures - Lord of the Flies - Sadler's Wells

    Press Review 4Jeffery Taylor, Express, Sunday 12 October 2014Performance 8 - 11 October 2014

    Brutal, charming, deranged yet ultimately full of hope, director Matthew Bourne and choreographer Scott ambler rub our noses into the rotten side of human nature.  

  4. Theo Clinkard - Ordinary Courage/Accumulation - Laban Theatre

    Press Review 4Luke Jennings, Observer, Sunday 12 October 2014Performance 7 October 2014

    ‘Ordinary Courage’ is a nuanced and powerful examination of loss, inspired by the death of Clinkard’s mother in 2010. 

  5. New Adventures - Lord of the Flies - Sadler's Wells

    Press Review 4Judith Mackrell, Guardian, Friday 10 October 2014Performance 8 - 11 October 2014

    Matthew Bourne has always been clear that his adaptation of Lord of the Flies is principally about the kids… What appears on stage, however, explodes any preconceptions of a dutiful community project. 

  6. New Adventures 'Lord of the Flies'. Photo: Helen Maybanks

    Review: New Adventures - Lord of the Flies - Sadler's Wells

    Graham Watts, Friday 10 October 2014 — Performance: 8 - 11 October 2014

    I can't think of any box that doesn’t get a large tick from this exhilarating production... it's superbly structured and well-paced dance theatre.  Continue Reading

  7. Ballet Revolución. Photo: Nilz Boehme

    Review: Ballet Revolución - Peacock Theatre

    Samantha Whitaker, Friday 10 October 2014 — Performance: 7 - 25 October 2104

    - a celebration of dance in a range of styles that takes eclectic to the extreme. Classical ballet, sizzling salsa, mambo & Cuban, African & Spanish-infused folk dance, modern jazz, contemporary, hip-hop… Continue Reading

  8. Birmingham Royal Ballet - Beauty and the Beast/Shadows of War

    Press Review 4Mark Monahan, Telegraph, Thursday 9 October 2014Performance 8 October (coming to Sadler's Wells, 17 & 18 Oct)

    The result is as brazenly theatrical as Helpmann himself was, a lively, oddball study in life, death, envy and crowd-mentality that’s as much dance-theatre as ballet. 

  9. Royal Ballet - Manon - Royal Opera House

    Press Review 4Sarah Crompton, Telegraph, Wednesday 8 October 2014Performance In rep 26 September - 1 November 2014

    Day after day, every single dancer on stage from the humblest beggar to the leading lady manages to project character and mould meaning.  

  10. Royal Ballet - Manon - Royal Opera House

    Press Review 3Judith Mackrell, Guardian, Wednesday 8 October 2014Performance In rep 26 September - 1 November 2014

    …if Manon’s materialism is superbly portrayed, less convincing is her [Natalia Osipova’s] appetite for love. The problem lies partly with Carlos Acosta, who, as the poet Des Grieux, is not pressingly romantic or sexual enough, nor, in this late stage of his car… 

  11. Still from Jenna Lee's (UK) choreography to Nico Muhly's (NYC) track. Photo: Amber Hunt

    News: #MusictoMoveto

    Wednesday 8 October 2014 by Carmel Smith

    Dance Umbrella and Fuel invite you to download your pick of some brilliant new music and have a dance yourself. Rafael Bonachela, Vicki Igbokwe & Jenna Lee have already tried it out...  Continue Reading

  12. New Adventures - 'Edward Scissorhands'

    News: New Adventures announce principal casting for Edward Scissorhands

    Wednesday 8 October 2014 by Carmel Smith

    For the first time the company are announcing the lead casting for specific dates, so audiences will be able to find out when Dominic North and Liam Mower are performing in the title role... Continue Reading

  13. Clod Ensemble in 'An Anatomie in Four Quarters' at Sadler's Wells in 2011.

    News: Clod Ensemble's Performing Medicine programme wins new funding

    Tuesday 7 October 2014 by Carmel Smith

    Dance and movement are at the centre of arts based training for healthcare professionals developed by theatre company Clod Ensemble... Continue Reading

  14. Candoco Dance Company in Hetain Patel's 'Let's Talk about Dis'. Photo: Hugo Glendinning

    Review: Candoco Dance Company - Playing Another - artsdepot

    Jeffrey Gordon Baker, Tuesday 7 October 2014 — Performance: 3 October 2014

    Candoco is... To wring out & rattle apart statements of artistic & personal identity seems to have been one of Hetain Patel's goals as he and the dancers set about creating this new work.. Continue Reading

  15. Boy Blue Entertainent 'The Five and the Prophecy of Prana'. Photo: Hugo Glendinning

    Review: Boy Blue Entertainment - The Five and the Prophecy of Prana - Barbican Theatre

    Symone Keisha, Tuesday 7 October 2014 — Performance: 2 - 4 October 2014

    Boy Blue's creative mix of street dance, martial arts, video with an innovative set is slightly rough around the edges but guarantees a night of laughs and awe.  Continue Reading


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