June 2013

  1. English National Ballet - Swan Lake - Royal Albert Hall 2013

    Press Review 3Judith Mackrell, Guardian, Friday 14 June 2013Performance 12 - 23 June 2013

    Even if Deane’s arena-style choreography veers towards Busby Berkeley mechanics, he is very good at keeping the focus of the dance revolving, so that no section of the circular auditorium is stuck with a back view for too long.  

  2. Mariinsky Ballet, Swan Lake live 3D cinema screening

    Press Review Jenny Gilbert, Independent on Sunday, Friday 14 June 2013Performance 6 June 2013

    The glittering first-act trio prompted spontaneous applause in the cinema – some of it, no doubt, tinged with pride at a fine showing from the young British dancer Xander Parish. Predictably, though, it was the lakeside scenes, with their hallucinogenic patterns cre… 

  3. English National Ballet - Swan Lake - Royal Albert Hall 2013

    Press Review 3Zoe Anderson, Independent, Friday 14 June 2013Performance 12 - 23 June 2013

    On opening night, Tamara Rojo’s Swan Queen had the charisma to fill the whole space.  

  4. English National Ballet - Swan Lake -Royal Albert Hall 2013

    Press Review 4Neil Norman, Express, Friday 14 June 2013Performance 12 - 23 June 2013

    If there is a discernible arrogance to her performance, indicated by the almost contemptuous flip of the wrists on a perfect finish, it is forgivable. As Odile, the Black Swan, she oozes “femme fatalery”, not only completing the 32 fouettés with ease but managing … 

  5. Akram Khan in 'Desh' Photo: Richard Haughton

    Akram Khan Company - Desh - Sadler's Wells

    Rachel Nouchi, Friday 14 June 2013 — Performance: 11 - 15 June 2013

    Performance reviewed: 11 June Curtain up, a pitch-black stage, a swinging single lantern and the deafening smash of a sledgehammer beating, metal against metal – a clash of culture. This is Desh, (homeland in … Continue Reading

  6. English National Ballet 'Swan Lake' Tamara Rojo & Matthew Golding with the company. Photo: DavidJensen/EMPICS Entertainment

    English National Ballet - Swan Lake -Royal Albert Hall 2013

    Graham Watts, Friday 14 June 2013 — Performance: 12 - 23 June 2013 1 Comment

    Given a choice, I would rather see 'Swan Lake' as intended - on a stage directly in front of me - but there's no doubting the popularity of Deane’s arena production & the glorious spectac… Continue Reading

  7. Still House / Dan Canham 'Ours Was The Fen Country'. Photo: Camilla Greenwell

    Still House/Dan Canham - Ours Was The Fen Country - The Place

    Donald Hutera, Friday 14 June 2013 — Performance: 7 June 2013

    As both maker & mover Dan Canham has a way about him that’s distinct yet a trifle hard to pin down. His work is subtle & allusive with a focus on the poetic essence of a chosen subject... Continue Reading

  8. English National Ballet - Swan Lake -Royal Albert Hall 2013

    Press Review 4Lyndsey Winship, Evening Standard, Thursday 13 June 2013Performance 12 - 23 June 2013

    Later you can feel the adrenaline rising in the room as she spins her way through the 32 fouettés, ending with a sweet smirk that seems to say: “Oh that? Easy.”  

  9. Lucy Guerin Inc 'Untrained' 
Choreography: Lucy Guerin.
Performers: Alisdair Macindoe & Michael Dunbar. Photo: Julieta Cervantes

    Lucy Guerin Inc - Untrained - Purcell Room, Southbank Centre

    Donald Hutera, Thursday 13 June 2013 — Performance: 5 & 6 June 2013

    The point of 'Untrained' is to compare and contrast the physical skills and performing personalities of two pairs of dancers, one duo professionally trained and the other not. Continue Reading

  10. Breakin' Convention goes Stateside

    Wednesday 12 June 2013 by Carmel Smith

    In its tenth anniversary year, the International Festival of Hip Hop Theatre, based at Sadler’s Wells Theatre in London is about to take over the Apollo Theater in New York. From Thursday 13 to Sunday 16 June… Continue Reading

  11. Jean Abreu with Gilbert and George. Photo: Paul Scala

    Jean Abreu - exploring the body

    Wednesday 12 June 2013 by Carmel Smith

    Gilbert and George's series 'The Fundamental Pictures' inspired Abreu's latest production 'Blood' - and for the first time the artists have allowed their works to be used on stage...  Continue Reading

  12. Ben Duke. Photo: Zoe Manders

    Bonnie Bird Fund New Choreography Award 2013

    Tuesday 11 June 2013 1 Comment

    The closing date for applications for the second award is next Monday 17 June. The £10,000 bursary and support scheme is open to choreographers with at least five years professional experience Continue Reading

  13. RIOT Offspring, Sadler's Wells, 8 June 2013.Photo: Bettina Strenske

    National Youth Dance Company (in between) & RIOT Offspring -Sadler's Wells

    Josephine Leask, Tuesday 11 June 2013 — Performance: 8 June 2013

    Two performances which harnessed young energy and creativity, from the calm and reflective (in-between ) to the explosive RIOT Offspring , made for a Saturday night full of vitality and was a tribute to the many… Continue Reading

  14. Royal Opera House Chance to Dance participants (aged 9 - 11) dance in 'The Rite of Spring' Photo: Sim Canetty-Clarke

    Chance to Dance - The Rite

    Monday 10 June 2013

    Over thirty 9 - 11 year olds performed a specially adapted version of Kenneth MacMillan's ballet The Rite of Spring, in the week of the 100th anniversary of the first performance of Stravinsky's music.. Continue Reading

  15. Mariinsky Ballet's 'Swan Lake', featuring  Ekaterina Kondaurova & TimurAskerov

    Mariinsky Ballet, Swan Lake live 3D cinema screening

    Laura Dodge, Monday 10 June 2013 — Performance: 6 June 2013

    The allure of the Mariinsky’s dancers, the irresistible music & staging of the ballet made this a stunning performance and I’m glad I was able to experience it - without flying to St Petersburg. Continue Reading


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