1. Gala Flamenca - Sadler's Wells

    Press Review 3Judith Mackrell, Guardian, Friday 20 February 2015Performance 16 & 17 February 2015

    But as powerful as Amaya is, the evening really flies when the dancers all combine forces with their six musicians and singers… a lovely anarchic gaiety emerges when the entire cast are clapping, singing and dancing together. It’s in these communal moments that y… 

  2. Antonio Canales. Photo: Hugo Toscano

    Review: Gala Flamenca - Sadler's Wells

    Graham Watts, Thursday 19 February 2015 — Performance: 16 & 17 February 2015

    One of the world’s most celebrated flamenco dancers for at least three decades, Antonio Canales is one seriously cool dude - 'un tipo muy simpatico'... Continue Reading

  3. Boyband on stage at Move It. Photo: Samantha Whitaker

    Review: Move It - Olympia

    Samantha Whitaker, Wednesday 18 February 2015 — Performance: 13 - 15 February 2015

    Enormously impressed by the talent & confidence I’d seen, I left Olympia in a bubble of renewed energy & enthusiasm for all things dance. Although I could do without hearing Uptown Funk for a while... Continue Reading

  4. English National Ballet  - Modern Masters. Jiri Kylian'a 'Petite Mort' (James Forbat & Ksenia Ovsyanick) Photo: David Jensen

    News: Tamara Rojo announces programme of work by female choreographers

    Tuesday 17 February 2015 by carmel smith

    'She Said', with work by Aszure Barton, Annabelle Lopez Ochoa, and Yabin Wang, is part of English National Ballet's 2015/16 season, announced today... Continue Reading

  5. Tamara Rojo
Photo: Johan Persson

    News: Tamara Rojo on the need for more female choreographers

    Tuesday 17 February 2015 by Clare Evans

    Artistic Director of the English National Ballet Tamara Rojo looks back at her career as a dancer, and talks to the Guardian about what's next for her and women in dance. Continue Reading

  6. The Warwick Report on The Future of Cultural Value

    News: The Future of Cultural Value - Warwick Commission report

    Tuesday 17 February 2015 by carmel smith

    Enriching Britain: Culture, Creativity and Growth, concludes that we are failing to build on our strengths as a creative nation, or achieving an acceptable degree of diversity in access and participation.... Continue Reading

  7. Ballet Black - Mixed Programme - Linbury Studio Theatre, Royal Opera House

    Press Review 4Luke Jennings, Guardian, Tuesday 17 February 2015Performance 10 - 14 February 2015

    Tuckett has primed his cast to anticipate the music by a fraction of a beat, and the choreography fairly hurtles on its course. 

  8. Royal Ballet - Swan Lake - Royal Opera House

    Press Review 4Jeffery Taylor, Express, Tuesday 17 February 2015Performance 10 February - 9 April 2015

    From the back row of the ensemble to the pair of glittering stars in the spotlight, the whole company of dancers reeks of quality… There are 17 Swan Lakes left…dip a toe in or you’ll regret it. 

  9. Tango Fire - Flames of Desire - The Peacock

    Press Review 4Neil Norman, Express, Tuesday 17 February 2015Performance 27 January - 14 February 2015

    Nearly every dance ends with a flurry of limbs before spines are bent backwards into a ‘C’ in a freeze-framed portrait of passion. Take iced water. You’ll need it. 

  10. The Coronet, Notting Hill

    News: A new home for The Print Room

    Monday 16 February 2015 by carmel smith

    The former Coronet Cinema, Notting Hill, is being developed into a new cultural space, to include three flexible theatre spaces. Artistic Associate Hubert Essakow presents an evening of dance inspired by the year… Continue Reading

  11. Ballet Flamenco de Andalucia Photo: Luis Castilla

    Interview: Rafaela Carrasco - on twenty years of Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía

    Friday 13 February 2015 by carmel smith

    Rafaela Carrasco's career has been intertwined with Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía ever since the company was formed and since 2013 she has been their Artistic Director... Continue Reading

  12. Ballet Black - Marie-Astrid Mence, Jacob Wye, Isabela Coracy, Christopher Renfurm, Kanika Carr, Damien Johnson, Cira Robinson, Jose Alves in 'Second Coming'.

    Review: Ballet Black - Mixed Programme - Linbury Studio Theatre, Royal Opera House

    Graham Watts, Friday 13 February 2015 — Performance: 10 - 14 February 2015 1 Comment

    Ballet Black programmes show a little company with a large sense of theatre. These dancers have impressive physicality and a leader with an all-seeing and unerring eye. Continue Reading

  13. François Chaignaud and Cecilia Bengolea - 'Say Yes to Another Excess - Twerk' 
Photo: Emile Zeizig

    News: Grime and grinding - London nightlife is coming to a stage near you

    Friday 13 February 2015 by Clare Evans

    London's nightlife, from Dalston dancefloors to casual sex and dating, will be laid bare in two shows coming to London next month. Continue Reading

  14. Ultima Vez - What the Body Does Not Remember - Sadler's Wells

    Press Review 4Judith Mackrell, Guardian, Friday 13 February 2015Performance 10 & 11 February 2015

    The ephemeral nature of dance, the fact that so much disappears from public view, is one of the art form’s frustrations. But, when a work comes back from the past, there’s a unique charm in seeing it with fresh eyes. 

  15. Ballet Black - Mixed Programme - Linbury Studio Theatre, Royal Opera House

    Press Review 3Lyndsey Winship, Evening Standard, Friday 13 February 2015Performance 10 - 14 February 2015

    But this is a company that doesn’t take the obvious or easy route — and that’s exactly what makes it interesting. 


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