January 2017

  1. Blak Whyte Gray - Boy Blue Entertainment - Barbican

    Press Review 5Luke Jennings , The Observer , Wednesday 18 January 2017Performance 12 - 21 January 2017

    emphasis is joyful, and in its linking of past and present, it releases the dancers from their symbolic, referential duties. There’s a cathartic moment, immediately recognised by the audience, following which the dancers are performing as themselves, for sheer elati… 

  2. London Mayor to assess dance in the capital

    Press Review Christy Romer, Arts Professional , Monday 16 January 2017Performance

    The Mayor of London is commissioning an assessment of dance in the capital in a bid to discover the sector’s current and future needs, and how best to support its development...“I’ll do everything I can to ensure London’s Creative Industries contin… 

  3. The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party - ZooNation - Roundhouse

    Graham Watts, Monday 16 January 2017 — Performance: 30 December 2016 - 22 January 2017

    This is a great show; even better than the first time around. It was originally commissioned by The Royal Ballet to complement performances of Christopher Wheeldon’s ballet, Alice’s Adventures in Won… Continue Reading

  4. The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party - ZooNation - Roundhouse

    Press Review 3Mark Monahan, , The Telegraph, Monday 16 January 2017Performance

    The latest offering from hip-hop dance troupe ZooNation, this affectionate but irreverent take on the Lewis Carroll classic whipped up a carnivalesque, audience-participatory atmosphere quite alien to that august building. And, far from detracting from the fun, the unlike… 

  5. Blak Whyte Gray - Boy Blue Entertainment - Barbican

    Press Review 4Sanjoy Roy, , Monday 16 January 2017Performance 12 - 21 January 2017

    The work is a striking achievement for Boy Blue Entertainment – and suggests it may be time to drop that last word from their name. Far more formal and introspective than we’ve been used to, it is also more artful in incorporating silence, space and stillness … 

  6. Photo credit: Carl Fox

    Blak Whyte Gray - Boy Blue Entertainment - Barbican

    Siobhan Murphy, Saturday 14 January 2017 — Performance: 12 - 21 January 2017

    Blak Whyte Gray is a layered, meditative piece, stripped of obvious crowd-pleasing b-boy tricks and instead injected with hefty themes and emotions. It’s a beautiful, powerful work that demands an enormous … Continue Reading

  7. Loop Atlas by Matthias Sperling, part of material rearranged by Siobhan Davies Dance. Photograph: Pari Nadei

    'Let's turn the whole world around': inside Siobhan Davies' dance laboratory

    Press Review LYNDSEY WINSHIP, The Guardian, Thursday 12 January 2017Performance

    Does the mind rule the body? Her interest in the body, clearly, does not begin and end on the stage. “It is always communicating,” she says, and this is the basis of her latest show, which opens at the Barbican in London this month. Material / rearranged / to … 

  8. Photo: https://www.rad.org.uk/learn-to-dance/find-an-activity/childrens-repertoire-workshop

    The Royal Academy of Dance imaginative new dance classes inspired by the film Ballerina

    Wednesday 11 January 2017

    The Royal Academy of Dance has created a new dance class inspired by the film Ballerina, to be taught exclusively by RAD Registered Teachers.  Continue Reading

  9. Photo: www.shobanajeyasingh.co.uk

    Meet Shobana Jeyasingh, Artistic Director and Choreographer of Shobana Jeyasingh Dance Company

    Monday 9 January 2017

    Shobana Jeyasingh Dance Company is rooted in a vision of societies that are culturally coherent in new and unexpected ways. Avoiding cliché and stereotype, they produce work that directly resonates with all ou… Continue Reading

  10. Dorrance Dance 2014 
Photo: Christopher Duggan

    Meet Michelle Dorrance, Artistic Director of Dorrance Dance

    Monday 9 January 2017

    Dorrance Dance founded in 2011 by Artistic Director and 2015 MacArthur Fellow, Michelle Dorrance, the company’s inaugural performance garnered a Bessie Award for “blasting open our notions of tap.&rdq… Continue Reading

  11. Ayshen aka Icy Ice 54 teaching at The Annual Conference and AGM 2011 photo: Brian Slater

    Meet the teacher - Ayshen aka Icy Ice 54

    Sunday 8 January 2017

    Ayshen aka Icy Ice 54 is a freelance dance artist and has been teaching in academic and community settings across London for over 13 years. Icy is the Artistic Director of her own company, Dynamic Eclipse Arts a… Continue Reading

  12. Pina Bausch, Polunin and a hip-hop Alice in Wonderland: the best dance to watch in 2017

    Press Review Mark Monahan, The Telegraph, Wednesday 4 January 2017Performance

    Pina Bausch, Polunin and a hip-hop Alice in Wonderland: the best dance to watch in 2017 


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