April 2004

  1. Leonard Reed

    Wednesday 14 April 2004

    - died recently at the age of 98. A tap-dancing pioneer, he was an accomplished exponent of both tap and eccentric dancing, a champion Charleston performer and one of the creators of the popular Shim Sham Shimmy… Continue Reading

  2. Igor Zelensky

    Wednesday 14 April 2004

    brings a one off spectacular to the Albert Hall this month. ‘It is a surprisingly familiar story among ballet’s top-ranked males — glittering young men who should be revelling in their prowess,… Continue Reading

  3. Happy Mondays at the Opera House

    Wednesday 7 April 2004

    Top price tickets will be available at the Royal Opera House for just £10 through a £1 million sponsorship agreement with Travelex, the world’s largest foreign exchange specialist. The scheme will start … Continue Reading

  4. Dance Celebrities

    Tuesday 6 April 2004

    With Victoria Beckham discussing possibilities with ENB for raising its public profile; Lyndsey Winship asks why it is dancers don’t have celebrity status, and whether dance really needs it anyway? “… Continue Reading

  5. Sofia Golovkina

    Monday 5 April 2004

    The Bolshoi ballerina and iron-willed director of the Moscow State Academy of Choreography died recently. Read an obituary by Nadine Meisner in the Independent, 3 Aprand by Mary Clarke in the Guardian, 16 April.04 Continue Reading

  6. Quiet

    Friday 2 April 2004

    Rupert Christiansen asks why it is that some audience members cannot sit still, be quiet, and watch the show…. Telegraph, 31 March.04 Continue Reading

  7. Farruqito

    Thursday 1 April 2004

    “The new star of flamenco, Farruquito, a dancer whose artistic brilliance and Gypsy good-looks have won him worldwide praise, faces a jail sentence of up to 12 years for killing a man in a hit-and-run acci… Continue Reading


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